Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is fun..

Happy Thursday Morning..
I am having fun trying & tweaking this blog thing. My little 3 month old Lincoln is laying next to me on my bed smiling away while I write to all of you. What a cutie patoutie! Well I went to Michaels here and they had such a find. Cupcake candle in a travel tin. $1.00 candle bin. Oh my gosh! I just love the smell. My whole house (a very small cottage by the way) smells like cupcakes all the time-and no baking required. I think I'm going back and buying MORE! Well when I get my budget for next month I already spent Julys. Ohoh. Well here is a couple of pics of my Lil Princess Mermaid Cupcake Twinkie Sophias room that she shares with her sis Pearl aka "No Pearl No" or "Pearlzilla" and even "Kitty" (she's at that stage). Going into the room I hung a tension rod with a pink lace valance in the door jam. Then enters the "girls room". It's sooooo hard to have pretties displayed when you have a 1 year old "Pearlzilla" sharing it. Oh well you do what you have to do and hope she doesn't break anything.Yeah right...she wouldn't be her. I do love her. Well have a wonderfully pink day and don't forget to wear your slippers today.


Carolyn said...

Hi, I just came for a visit and am enjoying your blog.All the little ones bring back happy memories. They do grow up so fast.Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Take care, Carolyn

Kelly said...

Love the pic of the kids, Wendy! I haven't seen a group picture since Charlie was the baby!

Love, Cousin Kelly