Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

and baby makes 12.

Earlier last week we learned that our clan had grown by one
With eleven precious blessings we really thought we were done
But living by faith, we put all in God’s hands 
I’ll make you a nation— as the grains of the sands

A dozen is more than we could have ever imagined
Like a pioneer family, both big and old fashioned
Some might think, “Oh you poor woman!
To have so many kids hardly seems human.”
“You must be so tired, my gosh, how do you do it?”
Or “What is the point that you’re trying to prove it?”

But I say, “I never set out to do such a thing
From the day I got married and put on that ring.
All I ever wanted was to do what God called me to be
To be a good wife and mommy of just two, maybe three
It never entered my mind that I would be trusted with so much
Of the responsibilities, and questions and the hearts I could touch.

As a mom, so often, I feel that I’ve come up short
That I should be different, a mother of another sort.
Then God lets me know in the quietest of ways
That He hasn’t left me on the worst of my days.
For all the times that I’ve shown Him to them,
and given Him thanks for the help that He’s been.

He’s pleased by the way we’ve been raising our kids.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

football awards.

One of my favorite things at the end of last year was going to the boys' award ceremonies for Football. This year I was really excited to hear what the Coaches said about my boys. They all had very good Coaches whom we've gotten to know and were perfect matches for each one of my boys. 
For Parker’s Varsity team, they decided not to have a banquet, but instead have refreshments and desserts before the awards ceremony. I was privileged to be asked to coordinate and run it. Me, Chris and my kids all pitched in and baked, set up and served all the parents and kids from all three levels. I absolutely had a blast doing it. I really do love being involved in this kind of capacity. 

The littler guys' teams had an outdoor BBQ and potluck next to their playing field which is where Parker's varsity games are held and where Chris now teaches. It was a great day and even though Lincoln and Ethan’s Coaches don’t believe in singling out kids for special awards, Charlie’s Coach does and gave Charlie and his best friend DayDay MVP awards. They are two real goof balls together and I cannot wait to see them play sports together in their high school years. They are two who seem to have big things looming in their future.

Monday, February 22, 2016

dance class for ruby.

As I looked at my old pictures, I realized that I never mentioned that Ruby had started dance class with her big sisters. All last summer she was looking forward to that big day when we would sign her up for Ballet, Jazz and Tap— she was really excited about it. 

From the time she entered class, she made friends quick and loved her teachers, but she just wasn’t ready. 

Even though she slogged it out for a few months, a pattern of behavior began to emerge—when it came time for her to get ready for dance, she would start crying big tears. She made up excuses as to ‘why’— too boring, too long, they weren’t allowed to talk with friends, etc., but the truth was that she just didn’t want to leave Mommy yet. 

Sophia even started to assist in Ruby’s class to ‘spy’ and see why Ruby didn’t want to take dance anymore, but the fact was: she just wasn’t ready yet. And that was ok. 

After talking with her and then with the Dance studio owner, we decided to wait till next Fall to start Ruby in dance again. Which is fine with us, but all her friends were telling Sophia and Pearl to tell Ruby they missed her and some even sent her letters telling her they can’t wait for her to come back to dance class. I give her credit for trying.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

sophia danced in a parade.

A few weeks before Christmas, Sophia was delighted to participate in our local Christmas parade along with her dance class. Initially, we had told her 'no', but the owner of her dance studio invited her personally to be in it and Sophia was ecstatic to say 'yes'. 

She looked so pretty and did a beautiful job gracefully dancing and smiling the length of the parade route each step of the way. Her studio did a Nutcracker theme and when I saw her coming down the street, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I was so proud of her. 

She loves dancing and dreams of being a dance teacher when she grows up. And at the rate she is going with helping out and advancing at her dance studio, I am almost sure she has a career in dance. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

starting a club.

Half my kids have fever’s and I’m sure the other half will have it soon. Thankfully all the sickies just want to lay on the floor and watch movies ALL day. They have been super easy patients. 

I’ve really hated the fact that I haven’t blogged very much at all lately since it makes me feel like all the memories of my kids aren’t being recorded. And since I got a new computer for Christmas, I can’t use my old computer working too slow as an excuse anymore.

Besides that, we’ve had a really good start to a new year. So many ‘new things’ in our life which I’ll save for future posts. But I will still have to go back in time to record the months I’ve been gone from blogging. 

And can you believe that Jace will be a year old next week? He is the sweetest thing. A real Mama’s boy. I love it. Perfect as pie, except for him still waking up a few times at night to nurse. Ha!

And has anyone seen Woodlawn? My favorite movie right now! I recommend it to everyone. It really gave me an urgency for Chris to start a Christian club at his school where he has so many relationships with his students and most of the kids on the football and basketball teams. 

So without wasting any time, we announced it and put a flyer on Parker’s social media page along with one of the football coaches and a girls soccer coach doing the same. 

Parker and Ethan handed out 100 flyers during lunch time along with some of his football teammates who wanted to help. Amazing. All in a few days. That first meeting the next day, there were 45 kids in attendance for Club 116. So awesome.

It’s funny because a lot of the guys who showed up were the same ones we fed for pregame meals and Chris spoke to/preached to during the season. Please pray for these young men and women. 

I could testify on this post all night long of how God is good, but like I said, I will save it for another day. Right now I just want to keep it short and make blogging a habit once again…..

Sunday, February 14, 2016