Thursday, January 29, 2015

lots of coaxing.

I found a little home secret on the internet a few months ago: Using Listerine for the hair. Yes-- I am referring to the mouthwash and spraying your hair with it and letting it sit for a while. After we used it...Wow! The girl’s and my hair were so CLEAN and SOFT. 
Talking to one of the older women at church, I learned about all these household items they used back in the day for cleaning the house, body care, etc..... 
Well, Daddy likes to use gel in his hair and, my-oh-my, the gel can get built up even though he washes it. So I told the kiddos the other morning that I was going to get Daddy to let me try the Listerine in his hair to get that gel junk out. They didn’t believe I could do it. (What they really didn’t believe was that Daddy would let me.) And by nine o’clock, after lots of coaxing, he relented and let me soak his dark hair. Ha! 
Just to be funny, I dared him to go pick Parker up at basketball practice wearing his special head gear. I knew that Parker would be so embarrassed, especially if some of his teammates were to see, and yet he’d get a good laugh out of it. When they got home, we had a good laugh since there’s been times where Parker’s offered kids rides without telling us in advance... Thankfully (for Parker!) no one did this night. Ha!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

we had a vote.

I don't know about anyone else, but the baby's going home outfit is really important to me. I really cherish picking one out. Ever since I had Parker, it's one of my favorite things to do in getting ready for baby. 

Each time I pull out the newborn baby (girl or boy) clothes, I love to tell the kiddos who came home in what. It’s pretty heartwarming to see how tiny (even though all my babies have been around 8 lbs or a tad bit over 9 lbs) they once were. The outfit has to be just right and everything I want it to be. It’s just one of those things for me. 

With baby #11 due in February, I’ve had a hard time finding “THE OUTFIT” mostly because so many things for newborns at this time of year are winter or Christmas themed. I’ve been searching and waiting for the Valentine/Spring/Fresh looking baby outfits to come out. “THE BLANKET” was easier and since the beginning, I've had two favorites. 

SO, last night after dinner, with everything having arrived via UPS over the last couple weeks and with the help of Etsy, Amazon and Nordstroms, and while everyone was still at the dinner table, we voted. Voted on my top four choices. I needed help. And with ten (Daddy makes eleven) opinions, one of the outfits won! 

I cannot wait to pack that hospital bag. But the pain of delivery? Ugh, not too excited about that part. Regardless, our new little one will be here soon. Counting the weeks and days.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the park and donuts.

We had some fun on an unplanned visit to the park. 
We all headed to the store to pick up a few things that we needed. Like shoelaces for Parker, a back door carpet, a bucket for my children’s church class, hummingbird food..... At the check out, Daddy decided to get donuts for the kids. 
And being as pregnant as I am, I just had to have a french cruller from Spudnuts. Since Chris is that kind of husband who understands his pregnant wife (most of the time), he swung by to get me my favorite donut. 
There’s a great park right across the street from the donut shop and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, he started yelling to the kids, “Who wants to go to the park and eat donuts?!” Of course, they all screamed, “Yes!” 

Monday, January 26, 2015

a very merry christmas 2014.

And our Christmas! 
Sophia was the first one up, and then woke up Pearl since Sophia promised Pearl that if she woke up first, she would wake her also.  I think Daddy and Charlie were the last ones up. 
We had a wonderful morning opening presents along with Daddy and the kids making crepes for breakfast. Yum! Chris and I have always had a liking for crepes ever since we had them on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. 
I was super excited to watch the kids open their presents. After going over their Christmas lists multiple times, knowing what they would really love and shopping for all ten of them, it brings me such joy on Christmas to bless their socks off. 
We spent the rest of the day in our pajamas enjoying our blessings and each other. It was a very good Christmas! I am so blessed by my children and the grace of God. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

christmas from papou.

After our Christmas Eve candlelight service, the kids were very anxious to get home and open our presents from Papou. As soon as they hit that front door, they ran to change into their pajamas. 
Since Papou lives in New England, he sends us money and I buy the kiddos all their presents and wrap them labeled ‘from Papou’. 
They tried calling him that night, but it was very late on the East Coast (past his Christmas Eve bedtime) so we all left him a loud and fun message, thanking him for our Christmas gifts. 
I think Tallulah had the best time unwrapping her present, tearing off the paper a teeny, tiny piece at a time. Ha! 
I realized after I downloaded my pictures that so many of them were fuzzy. Ugh! My flash was off. So I wasn’t able to post all my sweeties.

Friday, January 23, 2015

secret santa 2014.

The kids really love our secret Santa gift exchange with each other. When we first started this tradition, the kids were younger and the budget for a gift was $1.00. That basically meant that everyone picked something from the dollar bins at Target. Over time we raised it to $5, and now the budget is $10, which Chris and I supply to all the kiddos. 
So on the morning of Christmas eve, the kids were extremely excited and all jumped in my bed when they woke up. They had a blast giving their presents to each other and revealing who they ‘bought’ a present for. This is definitely a fun time when you are from a large family. They even thought wrapping them was fun! They’re so silly.