Monday, August 3, 2015

what happened next.

When Chris left for the hospital with Charlie, I still had my hands full at the house with six kids 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 5 months. 
Made me think of the old days! (Actually not that long ago...) 
While Charlie sat in the front seat of our car moaning with his arm propped up on a coffee table book and couch pillow, Chris sped to the hospital telling Charlie, “Hang in there, bro. It’s gonna be alright.” 
Besides the obvious pain, Charlie’s mind was becoming increasingly concerned with the possibility of encountering even more pain at the hospital. “Are they gonna use a needle? Is my bone gonna stick out? Are they gonna take blood?” were some of his concerns. 
Fortunately the ER wasn’t very busy at 1pm on a Saturday and Charlie was weathering his ordeal like a champ. No one was in a big rush to get him to a doctor since they see things like this all the time. It wasn’t life or death so it wasn’t that urgent to them. 
Until they saw the x-ray. 
The x-ray tech said to Chris, “You need to take a look at this.” Chris already knew it wasn’t going to be pretty because of what he had seen when it originally happened. 
Both the Ulna and Radius were completely broken (separated) and were significantly displaced (not even close to being lined up. 
Chris said that everybody started moving a lot quicker at that point. 
Charlie was rushed to a bed, an IV was put in, and an orthopedic specialist was called. They were going to have to put Charlie out and do a reduction (that’s fancy for ‘put the bones back into alignment’). 
Charlie remained a trooper and Chris had to assure him that once he was out, he wouldn’t feel anything. He reminded Charlie of the last time they went to the ER together. Charlie was nearly hysterical when they began injecting his hand, which he had ripped wide open on a fence, with a syringe of local anesthetic. Charlie went from tears to laughter as he watched the doctor sew up his hand. Charlie felt none of it. 
Of course, Chris was texting me all this and I wasn’t happy about it, but there weren’t a bunch of options. 
After describing to Chris what they were going to do, the ortho doc asked Chris if he wanted to watch. Chris said that he wouldn’t be going anywhere. 
Any image of doctors working delicately to re-align bones were quickly dispelled as two good-sized men firmly grasped Charlie’s broken arm and began to pull. Horribly bending the arm into grotesque positions, Chris watched and prayed. 
He sent me a text: You would not want to be here. When they thought they had it, they splinted it and wrapped it, and wheeled in a portable x-ray machine. 
No good. The ortho doc said we need to do it again. 
Since Charlie was now waking up, he had to be put to sleep again. The wrap and splint was cut off and they began to work his arm once again. 
I texted everyone I knew to pray. I was texting in the Name of Jesus and the doctors were going to get it right this time. 
The arm was splinted and wrapped again. The second x-ray was taken and reviewed. 
No good. 
The ortho doc was dripping with sweat from the massive amount of force he was using to pull the bones back into place-- all to no avail. 
He left to get a breather and to re-think the situation. 
I for one did not want Charlie to have to wait for another day in order to perform a surgery, but I also did not want Charlie to be put out again. 
It was at this point that Chris' phone went dead. I sat at home and painfully waited. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

what happened last saturday.

A week ago today, we were having a great morning quickly becoming afternoon. 

Chris had been working out back with all the Littles running around playing while the Biggies were gone to a music festival for the weekend. Charlie was our only Big who stayed back since he didn’t really care or not if he went to the music festival. 

Everything was just fine and dandy. 

Chris had finished making two wooden boxes to be used for football agility drills and we were having fun watching the Littles and Charlie go through their “football camp”. 

They had set up the boxes, a picnic table bench and a high chair and were going through them like an obstacle course. I went inside to check on the baby and Chris was watching the kids from inside at the kitchen table drinking an iced tea. 

Charlie was proclaiming himself king from atop one of the boxes when suddenly the day took a most unpleasant turn. Jasper would rather himself be king and decided that Charlie had to be dethroned and pushed over the wooden box. 

When Charlie toppled over he put his right hand out to break his fall. 

Chris watched this unfold and hoped Charlie would emerge with just some bruises. Charlie’s shriek indicated otherwise. Holding his wrist, he headed toward the house as Chris ran out to him. 

Chris said later that he could see Charlie’s arm was bent unnaturally and knew immediately it was broken. It was so bad that he made a split second decision-- if Charlie sees it, he’s going to go hysterical-- so he grabbed Charlie’s arm at the elbow with one hand and put his other hand on his wrist where the break was and pulled. I won’t tell you what Chris felt beneath his grip. 

The arm was at least somewhat straight. 

They came to the back door and Chris said, “We gotta go now.” He NEVER says that. Usually he’ll say something like, “Let’s just give it a minute and we’ll make a decision.” 

Not this time. 

I went into emergency mode and had ibuprofen and a bag of ice within seconds and we began praying for God to help Charlie who was obviously in a lot of pain. I also knew from my own wrist-breaking experience exactly two months earlier that it would be somewhat better if he could hold it up on a flat surface like a book. 

Chris quickly changed and was out the door delicately escorting Charlie to the car with his arm resting on a book and a pillow from our couch. 

As the car pulled away, I started texting everyone I knew to pray for Charlie... 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pearl turned 8 on May 3rd

What can I say about Pearl that can truly explain just how fabulous she is? 
Pearl is one very sweet girl with a contagiously sweet personality. 
You can almost always find her doing something creative and fun-- making a rubber band bracelet for somebody, writing one of her letters to a friend in the girls’ club she started, or giving out her own personal merit badges to her little sister. 
She loves to find a place to draw a picture or paint a scene including her and someone special. 
She has the cutest little space between her front two teeth and the prettiest long hair which  she hopes to grow as long as she can. She amazes me the way she can braid her hair and do crazy splits standing against the wall. She’s like a human pretzel she’s so flexible. 
I think she’s the best hip hop dancer in her whole studio and amazed me the first time I saw her break dance. I would’ve never guessed. 
She loves horses with all her heart and cuts out pictures of cute animals and hangs them all over the wall next to her bed. 
Pearl is beautiful and reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman even though she is only eight years old. 
She is truly amazing and I’m so blessed to call her mine. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

before I forget.

Jasper has been complaining that no one pinches his fat cheeks anymore.

I have a new favorite place that Chris takes me to after church almost every Sunday evening. We found it one night after leaving the kids at home to grub on bagels and cream cheese. Chris said, “If you’re down, I know a place we can check out.” I really got adventurous and ordered the “Huarache” (a thick sandal shaped tortilla). It was the bomb. Now, when Sunday evening service rolls around, I find myself craving it. They make the best asada. They even recognize Chris through the windows.

Chris is cleaning/fixing up the side yard to make an outside gym area for our future draft picks. And for him too, of course. Parker’s football Coach had left them rusting outside the field house and since they had new equipment in their facility, he said they were Chris’ to take. When I look at those old metal dinosaurs, I can almost hear the stories they’d tell if they could.  

Chris bought me new sneakers-- Why does buying new sneakers make working out more fun? Is that why people are always trotting around in their new work-out outfits?

We’ve been having Friday night Bible studies at our home this summer which has given Sophia and Ethan a chance to make batches of cookies. They are extremely willing to do this since it means that there will be treats for them afterward. Soso and Pearl have also been ruining any possibility of me losing weight by making something I could die for: Maple oat scones. Chris made some once before, but has now begun to fine tune the process (because he really likes them as well). Oh the temptation!

On one day last week, Parker had a morning basketball practice followed by three games (he played quite a bit in each) in the afternoon. When he got home he fell down and crashed on my floor.

How can my kids fall out of tree and be just fine yet someone sprays them with the  garden hose and they freak out-- I mean, absolutely hysterical? It’s enough to drive me nuts.

My husband told the boys: You catch it, you cook it. And Parker did just that. Made the whole dinner. Fried the fish (and some chicken and french fries too). It was good!

Ethan just built a DaVinci designed clock from Hobby Lobby and has been trying to come up with a name for the company he plans to own one day.

Pearl, Lincoln and Ruby have started swim lessons and Chris and I use it for some extra hanging out time together. It’s been nice.

River is wearing underwear now. We understand that for most kids they pee in the toilet first, but not River. He poops just fine in the toilet, but this morning he was sitting on our dinner table and said Mommy I just peed on the table with a puddle around him. That’s just precious.

Charlie is still doing his hook thing with the front of his hair. I am determined to get him to the hair cutters today. He’s not going to be happy.

Jace is by far the easiest and happiest baby I’ve ever had. He does everything good and makes everyone happy with his smiles and personality. 

It's hard to believe that I am now more excited about the start of football season than anyone... especially since I never really liked it growing up!

Tallulah wanted to sleep with Sophia one night and now it’s every night. I should of known better. 

And Daddy just bought us and the three oldest tickets to a Christian concert featuring some well-known artists in a couple months. I’m so excited!!

Running a large family might be the equivalent of running a small corporation... but the fringe benefits are outstanding!

*Oh, by the way--- I stole a few more pictures from Parker for this post!