Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

wardrobe change.

Today was a very hot day-- 87 degrees hot. That’s pretty unusual (kinda) for this coastal town where I live. Since the weather is usually mild, we don’t have air conditioning, but we did invest in ceiling fans almost immediately when we bought our home. Thank God we did.  
I had a long ‘to do’ list or more like a ‘must do’ list. I switched all my maternity clothes out of my closet, which is a lot considering that I’ve had eleven babies. Then I had to go through all the clothes which are my ‘after baby’ clothes. 
It was a tedious business to say the least. It wasn’t fun and my front room was filled with giant mounds of clothes. I wish I had taken a picture of it all. Oh my! I honestly had a little melt down because the mess was so overwhelming. 
But Chris went up in the attic and brought down as many storage containers as he could find helping me transition into a new wardrobe. All those maternity clothes and the ones I just can’t seem to squeeze into yet were packed away-- only God knows if I’ll ever wear some of them again.

Friday, March 13, 2015

it's friday.

I’m so happy today is Friday. And I’m so happy it’s March. 

I just bought the girls their Easter dresses. Now I just need to make sure they have pretty shoes to match! Pearl is really sweet-- she still likes to wear big frilly dresses. I love that! 

Jace had a check up this morning at the pediatrician’s office. He’s doing so good! I think that as far as nursing and the first weeks home go, he is, by far, my easiest baby (next to Charlie). I’m so thankful for that. Mostly since I know what it’s like to have a colicky baby (Ethan). 
Last night, we bought all our supplies at Hobby Lobby to start making signs and props for the Easter puppet show. I’m so excited to unleash some creativity-- I think I’ll start this afternoon. The hard part is finding a place to keep it all at our home while I make them and while we practice. Sometimes we’re a little short on space... Yesterday afternoon, our new addition for the show arrived. It was pretty funny since the kids were so excited He got here. 
And Parker had his first track meet last Saturday. Wow-- he left here at 6 am on the team bus and didn’t get home till after 6:30 pm. He then went directly to his basketball awards ceremony. The kid is busy. He also was invited to the Basketball Academy for his team. Not to mention football weight lifting and agility training started up again. He loves it! The best part is that through all this, he has maintained an “A” average for his classes. Praise God! We like that he goes to bed dog-tired and one content young man. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

the show must go on

Since Easter will be here in less than a month and I just had Jace two weeks ago, I found myself in a little bit of a pickle. Not to mention-- I have caught a cold. Ugh. 
I wanted to make sure my 3 to 5 year old class, which has grown by a couple more children, would be able to preform on Easter morning. And since I love putting on puppet shows, I wanted to have my older kids perform that too. 
Needless to say, it’s a lot to come up with songs, hand motions, props, etc. when you’ve just had a baby.... I was feeling overwhelmed. How could I possibly do it? But I was driven and found my answer. 
Over the weekend Chris, me and the older kids had a puppt meeting and brainstormed ideas. One of them said it felt like we were having a creative meeting for a tv show. 
At first, I wasn’t sure how the Easter puppet show would come out, but suddenly, by the grace of God, my creative ideas started rolling in. God never disappoints. 
And for my preschool aged kids, Sophia, Pearl and Charlie are such super stars that they learned the hand motions and moves for the little shepherds class so quickly and promised to teach them the songs during service while I’m not there. Wow. 
I’m so thankful that they are willing to teach my class their Easter songs and help me out. What a blessing. The show must go on!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

you know you are a biblical family....

when everything goes back to the bible.
A couple weeks before Jace was born Ethan and I were sitting next to each other in church during an evening service. As we read the Scripture along with the preacher (that would be Chris), it mentioned ‘circumcision’. 
At that point, Ethan leaned over and asked me what that was. I whispered that I would tell him at home. 
When we got home, of course, I let Chris explain it. Some things are better for Daddy to explain. Ha! 
Well... when Jace came home, Chris called the boys over saying, “Hey guys, I want to show you something. We’re going to have a Bible lesson-- .” 
Jace hadn’t been circumcised at the hospital and was scheduled to go the Monday after at the pediatrician’s office so Chris thought it was a perfect opportunity to explain it to the boys. 
For a few of them, it was way more than enough. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

we have a vision.

The other day, someone asked Chris what his vision for the church was. His initial response was that he wanted to see growth-- people getting saved their lives having been truly changed forever through Jesus. 
I know that Chris speaks all day long (teaching math at his job) and preaches for 45 minutes three times a week in service and Sunday school as well. That’s a lot of talking for someone who usually doesn’t talk that much. Most the time, he would prefer not to talk at all. He's more of a doer. 
So that was his basic answer, but he decided that he couldn’t just leave it at that. 
What he said, in essence, was this: 
It doesn’t matter if our church remains at 50 people for the rest of our lives as long as my wife and kids love me and are really saved and serving God. What I am doing will have more impact on the world for Christ than you can imagine. My kids want to do something for God, they evangelize their teammates, friends and coaches all the time on their own, they pray for neighbors and nations on their own, they want to go to prayer and read their Bibles, and they love going to church. I may never have a church of more than 50, but my wife and kids are going to heaven. How do you know that there isn’t a megachurch in one of my kids? How do you know that there aren’t 5 or 6 missionaries and pastors or pastor’s wives in my kids? I know it to be true because I’ve seen it with my own pastor and his children. What good would it be to have a huge church, but my kids backslidden and my wife bitter at the ministry? I wouldn’t sacrifice them on the altar of ministry. I’ve seen too many pastors whose kids are not serving God. Someday I will stand before God and He will ask me first about the covenant I made with my wife before Him and my stewardship of the children He has given me. What strikes me most about our mother churches is not their numbers, but the fact that there are multiple generations of the same families serving God together in those bodies. They have hundreds of people who have been there for over 20 years. We want those people here. 

our oldest and our youngest

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

day after.

I know this is out of order, because I haven’t yet talked about Jace’s birth story, but here’s a little bit about the three of us going home. 
You were born on Thursday around four in the afternoon. For the first hour, you were in Mommy’s arms doing the kangaroo thing. After that, they transferred us to a room down the hall.
You were in a hospital bassinet with wheels with Mommy pushing you. Daddy was behind us carrying and pulling all of our luggage and stuff. Daddy says that when we came out of the labor and delivery room next to the nurse’s station, all the nurses stopped what they were doing and stared at us. 
I think it was because they had never seen a baby as cute as you before. Daddy says that they just couldn’t believe that a mommy of 11 could just get up and walk out like that. 
One of the nurse’s who followed us into the maternity ward said that I was amazing. (I’d say, “extremely fortunate.”) I felt so proud to be your Mommy.
As nice as it is being in the hospital room just the three of us, we really wanted to get you home to see all your brothers and sisters. 
You may not have to do anything in the hospital, but they sure do poke and prod you a lot. It’s difficult enough to get a good night’s sleep with a new baby, but it’s even harder when someone’s waking you up every two hours. We wanted to go home. 
I guess that’s about all we can handle-- Mommy just wants to be in her own bed and Daddy just gets antsy. 
You passed all your baby tests, Mommy filled out all your paperwork, and the baby doctor said you were perfect, so we actually thought that we’d be getting out a little bit after lunch. However, the nurse came back and said that they liked you so much that you would have to stay at least one full day. 
Grammy had gotten everyone ready, so they were all waiting for us when we arrived. Not even celebrities receive as much attention upon arrival. 
Everyone crowded close around you and everyone wanted to touch you and hold you. 20 hands and ten faces all telling you, “Welcome home.”

Friday, March 6, 2015

happy days.

A picture of me holding Jace. Do you see him? Made with love by Ruby

Last night, the kids had a little one-week birthday party for Jace. During dinner, Jasper mentioned that it was too bad that Jace was sleeping and missed the party. So cute! Sophia and Pearl made strawberry shortcake and a friend dropped off a carrot cake just for the fact that Jace turned one week. [And he’s (the friend from church) single if anyone is interested in such a thoughtful man of God.] Some of the Littles even made Jace birthday cards and drew him pictures with no prompting from Chris or me. That’s just so sweet. 
Chris has been home and I’m so happy. He went back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. It wasn’t really difficult in the sense of continuing to manage running the household daily routines while having a newborn-- I really just missed having Chris around. The kids have been pretty great in helping out. Sophia even said that she loves having a new baby in the house. But he took yesterday and today (Friday) off and I love having him home--just because. Mostly to share these special days of having a newborn. 
Yesterday afternoon, I was able to get a nap in for the first time since coming home from the hospital. And last night I got some good two-hour stretches of sleep. I really felt good this morning when I woke up. The sun is out, it’s a beautiful day and my soul is refreshed. I am so happy that daylight savings starts this Sunday. I live for the longer days that spring and summer bring. I really do enjoy the change. I can’t believe there’s only a few more months of school left. Hallelujah. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

one week old.

I can’t believe Jace is already a week old today. When I told Jasper that today was the baby’s one week birthday-- he ran out of my room cheering and hollering to everyone that it was Jace’s birthday. 
Honestly, I’m a little sad that he’s already one week old. I know it sounds strange, but I love holding onto the newborn stage. It just seems like they all grow up so fast. Right now, I am really just soaking up my new little baby Jace and how much I love him. 
I’m so blessed to be his Mommy. And he knows it. I can honestly say he knows who his Mommy is-- he definitely seems to be the happiest when I’m holding him. 
Chris and I think he looks like Charlie. And his reddish hair reminds us of a little Irish gentlemen or one of England’s princes with his coloring. 
Chris has been calling him Jedi Jace. And River and Jasper call him by his whole name, Jace Jedidiah. 
He eats every two hours and is doing absolutely great nursing-- which makes things really easy for me. I’ve had some babies who weren’t so easy. 
I’m really thankful for my new recliner since me and Jace end up sleeping in it quite a bit. It’s made the night feedings much much easier for me. 
I’ve really been making sure that I take my morning shower everyday and get at least semi-dressed. It helps me feel better when the post-pregnancy hormones start to act up. And Chris has been trying to get me out for some fresh air even if I stay in the car with the baby. 
I do plan on posting about my delivery soon, but until then, just know that I am in love and feel so blessed and amazed that God has blessed me to be Jace’s Mommy. He was always meant to be in our family.