Friday, November 21, 2014

jasper turned 4.

Jasper turned 4 on Nov. 11th

It’s really neat because his birthday falls on Veteran’s Day every year so Chris and all the kids have the day off from school. Jasper feels great that his birthday is a ‘holiday’.

The morning of his birthday we did have to rush out of the house early because I had a quick prenatal appointment. I was in and out quickly while Chris and all ten kids waited for me in the car.

Afterward, we all made a trip to Toys R Us. The kids were all armed with a pencil and a pad of paper to go through the whole store and add to their Christmas lists.  Since we don’t have cable/tv, the kiddos don’t really have crazy “I want” lists of the latest new arrivals from watching commercials. So after we went through the WHOLE store, we celebrated Jasper with his request...Panda Express and Egg Nog cake.

I can’t believe he’s 4 years old. This little guy is the one who climbs into bed with me the minute Chris and the older kids leave for 6am prayer at the church. And before bed, he makes sure I get my goodnight kiss saying “I love you alot alot alot alot alot....” You get the idea. And I can’t forget when, out of the blue, he tells me that I’m a nice girl. I love my Jasper!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

football. basketball. dance.

Everyone was really depressed when football ended-- Charlie took it especially hard. But with basketball starting already, there wasn’t a lot of time to dwell on it.

Parker’s basketball try-outs were last week Monday thru Saturday at his high school and he got a little nervous thinking about what would happen if he didn’t make the team. He’s been fortunate to be athletic and good at whatever he’s tried, but the doubts started coming into his mind.

On Monday, I took him over to the school (since he’s on an independent study program) to check the list on the gym door to see if he’d made the cut and... he made the team. We were so happy! And when he went to the first day of official practice, he loved it! The head coach is not a teacher at the high school, but a commander in the local police department for thirty years. Chris says he seems to be a real nice guy with the right values.

The girls are back in dance and this year is really exciting because, in addition to ballet, Pearl is taking a Jazz and Tap class as well as an Acrobatics class. And besides Sophia’s regular classes, she’s a teacher’s helper in a pre-ballet class. She loves it!! And the little girls seem to love her.

Everyone else is doing great and thankfully we seem to be on track with our school lessons. Whew! We are a train that seems to have been gaining momentum since school started... Though I personally am starting to slow down as my pregnancy progresses. But like I always tell people-- pregnancy is the easy part.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

presents. christmas.

Our home is seeing a little bit of Christmas early.

Believe it or not, I finished my Christmas shopping for all the kids. Love Amazon! Although I love to do it-- it can be like a cloud hanging over me. Chris has the week off for Thanksgiving and I want to enjoy it without worrying about all the shopping I’ve got to do.

In the past, I’d waste a whole day or more during vacation or we’d be running around to all the stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas and it was so stressful. Not this year. Thank God!

I was even able to buy the kiddos all their presents from their Papou. Since he lives all the way in Massachusetts and sends us a check every year, I picked out some things the kids really wanted so that on Christmas morning they would be able to open their gift from Papou.

We just finished shopping for our Secret Santa gift as well. Each year the kids pull a name out of a hat and get to be a Secret Santa to another sibling. They think it’s a real fun thing to do.

Every day, the mailman and the UPS man have been dropping off boxes filled with presents. And they are all stacking up in my room even though Parker and I tried to condense them into fewer boxes. The kids are just dying to see what’s in the boxes-- they have an idea, but they’re not sure and it’s killing them. Of course, I remind them: Not until Christmas.

Oh-- Did I mention that my Christmas cards are done? And I can not wait to mail them out!! It was so easy this year (because of the card I chose-- I even had some of the pictures already done before I started... unbelievable).

We started singing Christmas songs during family worship and the girls blast Christmas CD’s in their room everyday. Christmas is now in full swing in this house.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

my home.

It’s been a long time since I have written our family memories on this blog. And it seems that the longer I don’t record some of our moments, the harder it seems to find a place to start... 

Until tonight when Chris and our two oldest boys sat down together and practiced a special song for church tomorrow. I was filled with that joy that only my family brings me and how I love to record these special times. 

It’s late and most of the littles are in bed, but I just want to remember this night. 

How we had family worship and bedtime prayers with the littles and middles while the big boys were away at worship practice with Glen. As we went around, I listened to each prayer that included our new baby and even how, my now four year old, Jasper prayed for things important to him.  Like Chris and my Pastor, Pastor Rob. Their prayers touched my heart. 

And after we sent everyone to bed with a kiss and freshly brushed teeth, Parker and Ethan came home and sat with their Dad to sing and play together. That’s when I was reminded how I need to record these days. 

I am so blessed and also starting to feel the excitement of bringing home another little one in a few months. This has been such a great pregnancy so far. I know taking care of my home and raising my children isn’t always easy. I’ve had some really hard days, but I also some really wonderful ones too. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a clue.

Hello all-- it's been a while! But I did want to post this exciting moment of ours...

We did go for Baby 11's ultrasound the other day and the technician who we've now seen for nine of our pregnancies gave us a gift: this 4D picture of our newest addition.

We'll have to tell you what his name will be later...!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

first day of school.

Today was our first day back to school. Parker will be meeting his teacher, receiving his curriculum and starting tomorrow. He thought it was great that while everyone was doing school, he was stretched out reading a book in his bed. Ha!

I did tweak our schedule from last year, but not much. From what I recall, I think the schedule we had last year worked really well for us. And today, we were only a little off schedule since I let the kids sleep in an extra hour-- I have a weakness for wanting my kiddos to get their sleep.

I’m really happy how everything went during the school day. Lincoln has made an enormous leap in his learning and Ruby seems to be an easy student. Since we received her books, she has been begging me everyday to start. I notice that she catches on extremely quickly and has great memorization skills. Oh happy day!

I do feel a lot of pressure knowing that I will be homeschooling seven kids while having to push through the upcoming (if not already) days of pregnancy exhaustion on top of my other obligations.

But I’m keeping my thoughts on my calling as a wife and mommy and my eyes on Jesus. When people ask me how I do it-- there’s only one answer: Jesus! Between Him and my amazing/involved husband, I can do anything. Not to mention, ‘thank God’ for my determination and stubbornness. God can even use that for His good.

One of the first blog posts I read this morning before school was about this. And after reading the quote from Elisabeth Elliot, I felt equipped to begin the first day of school, and all the days that will come. But I sure do miss summer. My favorite season!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It’s that time of year (football season) and that time in a young man’s life when he begins to appreciate the flexing of his own muscles. I can clearly remember when I was growing up, my older brother calling my name so I would look and flexing his muscles at me to my shock and disgust. Or I would catch him in the mirror flexing. I don’t know which was worse.

Now, it seems, I am raising my brother. Parker spent July participating in summer conditioning and weightlifting for football. He started with a few “Hey Mom’s” followed by a quick flex to cutting the sleeves off his t-shirts for practice. Now he’s asking to cut the sleeves off another! I’ve created a monsta! Now his partner Jasper wants cut-off tees just like his big brother. Parker isn’t a vain boy, but just a typical young man his age. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Monday, August 11, 2014

what was our summer reading?

I love reading and I love seeing my kids read. Except when they are so absorbed in a good book that they can’t hear me call them a thousand times. 

I really got on it this Summer and did my research on some new Christian books for my kiddos. I can’t seem to keep fresh books in the house since they read through them, faster than I can purchase them. I guess that’s a good problem. 

This time I bought an overload and it’s kept them busy. I wanted to have books for all the different ages we have in our little big family. Even though Summer is almost over I wanted to share our Summer book ‘Stack’ and say that they were all winners.