Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Warning-Some Pictures May Be Disturbing

I know you're trying to figure out what's going on here. Not to mention that this blog is to show you girls cute, pretty and even sweet things-- not scary, manly stuff. Well, living in a small cottage home that we bought 4 years ago, we suffer from a problem: a bathroom that needs to be remodeled. We have been doing it in steps (hubby just takes a long time--shh!). We started the floor, did the wainscoting, painted, put in the pedestal basin and so on..Well, two days ago he decides that we are ripping the gross shower apart and finally do the tile. Can someone say, "Oh No!" I mean, he is pretty handy so--go to it Lovebug. Now, I need to tell you that before I ever got married I told myself over and over that even though I LOVE my Dad, I would never marry a man who was a fixer upper kinda guy. Everything would be NEW. I probably even told my husband this particular bit of info early on. Well, the other night I found myself taking a shower in that... Yes that! The pictures you're seeing for yourself including the one with the plastic for walls. I had a flashback to when I was a youngin' (I'm only 34) standing in the same shower in my parents home. Oh no! But you know what? It's kinda fun. Actually a lot of fun buying, fixing and making pretty. So I am extremely blessed and happy to have a man who likes and wants to learn new things and tries it. Thanks, Handsome.
Give your man a smooch today, and tell him thank you for all he does--for you.


Pearl said...

Your Husband sounds like a true Sweetheart! How exciting for you to be getting a new bathroom... YAY! Ours is the same way as it was when we bought our home, 20 years ago... well, kinda the same! My Husband did put down a new floor and has painted it a few times over the years... LOL

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the "After" Pics!


miss gracies house said...

I know all about remodels-been doing 'em for 28 years now...I think it's funny that you said *never* know that's what you get for saying it:)...that's what my son did (over and over and over)-guess what kind of house he bought?!!!! Thanks for the chuckle!