Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Hard To Believe It's Fall

Last Thursday, we ditched school for some FUN. Shhh! Don't tell the teacher. Oh ya, I am the teacher. I LOvE homeschooling! The weather has been so hot here and I'm loving it.
Sun + water = sleepy babies


Rue said...

LOL Wendy... they look like they had a blast!

Have a great Monday and don't work too hard ;)


Jennifer said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! Love the photos!

Carla said...

Looks like fun!

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how fun! Enjoy the weather while you can! It's cold here!

Have a great day!


Darling pictures! Our swimming season is over now. It's cooler here and time for hayrides.


Alex said... cute, Wendy! I wish you were my teacher when I was younger? :) hahaha

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Looks like they had a lot of warm weather fun!!

Candy said...

Hiya Wendy!
I just wanted to tell you that Im praying for your Dad since you left a comment to me about him when I was going thru a difficult time recently..we still are going thru a very difficult time but I know it will get better one day.
I will keep praying for your Dad too.
I appreciate your comments. And I look forward to visiting your blog again soon,

Tammy said...

What a, Summer day! Love the pictures...the one where they're jumping into the pool is great and oh my, the little one looks SO angry in that other picture! LOL

By the way- the home school open house is here! Come join in!!! :)


Morning Glory said...

Hi Wendy, Thanks for stopping by my blog last night. It's always fun to see a new commenter.

miss gracies house said...

Yes, that *is* one of the great thing about home schooling, isn't it? It is what memories are made of!

On one of your earlier post - I love Lowly the worm! Definately one of my favorites!
Have a great Tuesday!

Shannon said...

Looks like a fun day for everyone!!

Your pink poodle is CUTE!

Heather said...

Look at those sweet little cupcakes!! I love it!!!!
I would like to learn more about homeschooling.......Kyle will be 5 this July and I am dreading sending him to public school. :(