Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Many Pretty Things..

I'm just a thrift store Mama. Actually, I have not been visiting any lately. With all the family trips, weddings and get-aways there really has not been any time. Which is very good on my wallet. BUT, today it was great. Because of the Santa Ana winds, not many people were out and the thrift shops were empty. So me and my munchkins in tow went looking-- well, I was looking with them following me like a mama duck with her ducklings. Of course, I found some cute and pretty things I wanted to share. So what do ya think? Pretty?

A pink vintage tablecloth with lace trim (I'm really into tablecloths right now)

A blanket with cute fuzzy chenille bun-buns
And perfect chenille knots for the trim

I couldn't believe when I came across this pretty 10" plate for just--$ 1.95
I mean Good golly, Miss Molly--I HAD to bring this one home
A platter to serve my sweet little family dinner

You might not be dazzled by the large Strawberry Shortcake platter-- BUT I AM! IT'S SO CUTE! Perfect to serve my little princesses their lunch on the picnic table outside.

I have a question for all you smarty pants. If a dish says, ' Microwave and Dishwasher safe'--Can you put it in the oven?
Two of the pretty finds are marked that way, but what does that mean? I need more clarification. Hmm.
Unfortunately, there were a couple of things I forgot to buy--I guess I will HAVE to go back tomorrow. I think I have a few dollars left.


Connie said...

I think I'll go thrifting today, honey pie! I haven't been for weeks so think of the fantastic deals I may have missed......wooooooeee

Kim's Treasures said...

I was thinking about going thrifting tomorrow. I really like the Bun-Bun blanket!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

OH MY GOSH! I am so glad we dont live closer because I am afraid I would steal that bunny blankie!!! You are so LUCKY to have found that piece, I adore it :)

love that table cloth too and I have that same rose tart pan! GORGEOUS!


Suzanne said...

Wendy. You are an early bird. Shopping and posting before lunch. Great finds. Love the plates. I don't think I would put these beauties in the oven. The winds are so wonderful aren't they?? Love and Prayers, Suzanne


So many pretty little things you found, I love the blanket with the bunnies! I am sorry but I always wondered myself about that on a couple of caserole type dishes I have, they don't say oven so I don't put them in there. Thanks for the visit and that sounds like fun, swapping houses, my only question, can I leave my boys here when I go to your house??(;

Simply Dandy said...

Oh my goodness, you are Sarah Palin's twin....LOL!!! Can I have your autograph? Too funny!! Let me know about the mixer. She's a beauty!!


Carla said...

FUN! Sounds like you have been very busy! I love the bun-buns, so sweet-enjoy!

My Petite Maison said...

I love that platter - you found some really nice things... I don't think microwave & dishwasher safe mean you can put the dish in the oven due to the high temps - hmmm, Google it maybe or Wikipedia! I would but I'm off to run some errands. Happy day!

Alex said...

Hello..thank you for stopping by my blog today. It's nice to meet you! :)


Oh my you really got some cute things. It makes me want to go shopping for lace.


Sandra Evertson said...

Love your blog design!

emily said...

Love the dishes you found!I gotta get to my trift store!

KatCollects said...

Ohhhh you found some great things. LOVE the bunny blanket, so sweet. I went thrifting today and had no luck. Hope you are having a great week.

Rosy said...

You did find some very pretty stuff. I especially love all the rosy plates. Mmm! I usually wouldn't dare put those nice fine china plates in the oven, wouldn't risk them. They probably would stain even if they don't crack.

Pearl said...

I agree... sooo many pretty things! You had a great day for thrifting... love those Pink Bunnies... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Isn't if fun to find such sweet treasures? I love the sweet plates and that bunny blankie would have jumped in my cart for sure! You have such a great eye for sweet finds!


miss gracies house said...

Great that platter. I'm missing the thrift stores.

Rue said...

Hi Wendy :)

You found so many cute things!

I love that you look like Sarah. It's not a bad thing, when every man in America thinks she's hot ;)



Hi Wendy,
Thanks for stopping by :) I also jusst LOVE thrift stores, and of course Garage sale, estate sale..well you know, SALES :)
You found some pretty treasures at great prices. The prices are going up around here...
I'll get to thrift next week and can hardly wait.
See you later :)

chriskauf said...

Thanks for your comment , I do do all the work myself, on a rare occassion my hubby will help , but I am the boss.

Cassidy said...

OH MY WORD! I want every single thing you bought! I love all things pink and all things vintage!!!!! I don't know of any little shops here because we just moved here. (Florida from Texas) I know all my little shops in my home town! And they know me! LOL! I also love table cloths but have NOT found one for here because it has to be something pink and vintage and as I said, no place to find things like that right now that I have found. I also like a store called Home Goods. Do you ever visit there? they always have lots of pink. The chenille bunnies are adorable. we have a lot of things chenille. I actually had an online boutique for a few years and used chenille like crazy! (yes and PINK!) I did girls boutique clothing. The strawberry shortcake find is one I would love. I grew up loving her and I can't let something pass me by that has her on it- especially a platter like that! Ohhh I'm squeeling and wishing I could go shopping with you - tho we'd want the same stuff, lol. Tug of war ;) Teasin! Dishwasher safe and microwave safe does *NOT* mean oven safe and it WILL CRACK! I've made that mistake!