Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Claus HAS Come To Town...

(two of my pajama wearing reindeer are missing from picture)
The other night we were outside in our pajamas and slippers waiting for someone special.
He came right down our street, to our house and STOPPED! The big JOLLY Santa. He had sirens, lights, fire trucks and the cities best police parading him around.

Maybe he saw my 'exploding with joy' children waving him down, because to our surprise....he stopped. Stopped right in front of our house and gave my little reindeer children candy canes.
Spread the news, bake the cookies, ring the bells, let all the children know--It's official! Santa is here and will soon be visiting our sweet, memory making, love-filled, celebrating JESUS' birthday houses.



Hi Wendy,
Oh how fun!! That must have been so exciting for them, I can just imagine how they must have felt seeing Santa come down their street!! I left LeAnn your message, so good luck, she will be drawing the names Thursday night (:

Pearl said...

I'm so glad your children got to have that magical 'n enchanting moment...


Ronda said...

What a wonderful time you and ur children must have had. What great fun for your children for Santa to stop right in front of ur home and bless ur little one's like that. Now that's a memeory they will never forget. Oh how I wish I could have seen it. I bet they smiled for simply hours didn't they?
Love & Prayers,

Lilly's Life said...

Oh it makes me all tingly thinking aobut it - what a wonderful time for children it is. Just magic and I love it.

Sarah said...

oh! love the hand-wreath. I will have to do that with my little ones over the christmas break!
Vintage Lily