Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Best Meat Loaf Around!

Growing up, we NEVER ate Meat Loaf. When I ask my Mom 'why?', she said that my Dad had told her when they got married there were two things he did not want her to ever serve him for dinner: 1) breakfast 2) Meat Loaf.
My loss!
Now I love both.
When I got married and started to have little Cupcakes I bought a few cook books. One of them was a Betty Crocker one. She is world famous, right? In one of her books there was a recipe for Meat Loaf. OMGosh! If you have never tried her recipe, PLEASE do! I can't stop making it and enjoying it! And the aroma while it's cooking is unbelievable...


Marilyn said...

My Mom made the best MeatLoaf ever & I make it too!! It is especially good now considering the economy as we slice the leftovers (I always make enough for leftovers), heat them in the microwave & eat them like a burger!! Yum!! We love it!!

Raggedy Girl said...

I will have to try this. I hate onions but find if I use dried ones instead of fresh, then they don't freak me out. I also love to bake meat loaf in an electric skillet like my MIL, it is really yummy that way. Thanks for sharing your beloved recipe. My sweet hubby loves meat loaf.

Roberta Anne

Kim's Treasures said...

Meatloaf is a favorite around here. Yummy!

Mrs. Darling said...

Well this is timely. I was jus thinking the other day that I needed to find a good meatloaf recipe. I will try this now.

Shabby Kim said...

Your meatloaf recipie sounds yummy. Being a single gal myself and only having to cook for one, meatloaf is just not something I ever think of making for myself. Don't know why as I loved my Mom's meatloaf growing up. Maybe someday I will have to whip one up for myself. Thanks for sharing..

Cottage Rose said...

HMMMMMMM it does sound pretty good. My mom made a great meat loaf, but then most Moms do... lol Thanks for sharing it with us..

miss gracies house said...

That *does* sound good-I love meatloaf~my girls hate to make it though-somethongabout that touching that squishy meat!
Have a great day,