Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Past Week:

1) All the children are over their colds & flus.
2) I caught all their colds & flus-- FEVER and all!
3) Parker won league Basketball Champions & 2nd place for City Champions.
4) The little Cupcakes are in awe with their big brother's trophy and medal.
5) From Lincoln being sick & cuddled he never wants to be put on the floor to roam again!
6) Only two teeth later (where are the rest?) & already 11 1/2 months, Lincoln has finally decided to eat 'big people' food.
7) Everyone has graduated to bigger size shoes; So, new shoes they all got.
8) My fast-acting, quick-reacting computer broke and is in the shop. The dinosaur I must use.
9) I now have three baby girl names I just adore & can't decide on. We are taking polls from the Cupcake gallery.
10) Hubby is taking me on a MUCH-NEEDED, Romantic vacation.
11) Only 45 days left of school.
12) Got bored of being sick and moved the furniture all around in the house.
13) Just this week my roses are COVERED in buds.
14) I have seen PickleChips 4 days in a row (for about 5 minutes).

I can't wait for next week.......
It's my main squeeze's birthday!

Mi Vida Loca!


Marilyn said...

Never let it be said your life is boring!! Just when I think I am hassled I think of you!! LOL!!
Have a RESTFUL Day!!

Secondhandrose said...

I come and read and rarely leave a comment. But I had to tell you that your blog with your writings, and your cupcakes and the music you choose is so happy and uplifting. I enjoy it so now that my babies are grown. thanks, karen

Raggedy Girl said...

I adore...I am sick so I moved the furniture around...because I understand.
Roberta Anne

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Thinking of you and hoping you are having a good day!!! Hugs, Maryjane

The Things We Carried said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Waiting to see signs of springs here to! MAybe my cold is one :)? I always pass winter well and catch a spring cold.

Rest up for next week!

The Rose Room said...

what a full on week for you!!! I am sure all your weeks are full on though! Hope you are all much better in time for the weekend and congratulations to your big boy! Rachaelxo