Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Ready!

We are having a birthday party here this weekend and I am busy, busy getting ready!
I wanted to share what the homemade birthday invites read.

They were SO COOL!
We printed them on official, Army, Uncle Sam looking paper:

Official Orders

You have been drafted!

Recruits should report for duty to celebrate the 6th and 9th Birthdays of Sergeant Ethan and Officer Parker on Saturday, May 2 at 1200 hours for basic training at

Camp **** Military Base
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *

You will be required to put on camouflage paint, Tackle the Obstacle Course, and traverse the mine field.

Food will be served at the Mess Hall during Training Exercise.

Recruits please contact the Base Commander at ***.***.**** to confirm your enlistment.

(Yes, he has his own bed, but they like slumbering in each other's from time to time-- more like all the time!)

Last night when my 8 year old went to bed, I started to cry while I was telling him it was his last night as an 8 year old and how he will wake up a year older and be 9. (I think I do this every year). Boy, do they grow up fast! I love telling him the night before his birthday about when he was born. It always brings a smile and chuckle to my little kids. And makes them feel REAL special. On Wednesday, my other little guy will be turning 6 and the tears will come again. I love these little boys. I wish they would never grow up (except when they run around here sword fighting and wrestling till I'm gonna go crazy).
See that pinata, it's a tradition for everyone's birthday party in this family. Usually everyone wants my hubby to be blindfolded after all the kids have had a chance. It's pretty funny to see my hubby's brother be in charge of the rope and him batting away. By the way, me and the boys bought this pinata after an hour of driving to every little party store in our little town. And finally, after visiting the same store three DIFFERENT times, they finally chose this one. It's just a little (very big) big. Can't wait to fill it!


Marilyn said...

I can so-o-o understand your tears. My "little" boy is 39 & my "little" girl is 38. No matter how you raise them I think you feel like you lost some time somewhere. I think it is natural....
Happy Birthday to your Boys!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Wow what a fun birthday party!We always have a pinata too for our little ones in our family, I think the grownups get s kick out of it too. This Sat. May 2nd is my daughters birthday. I guess it will be party weekend for all.
Enjoy your day,

Kim's Treasures said...

Happy Birthday to your troop of boys! Very cool sounding invites!

Heather said...

sounds like so much fun! love the pinata tradition!

Cottage Rose said...

OH how I can understand. I cried when my oldest daughter turned 7 it seemed like the end of the world. lol Now she is in her 30's and I still cry......... for me.... lol Love the pinata, and the invitation, the boys are so cute.....


LillySue said...

OK~ I want you to be my Mama and I want to come live at your house....no matter that I am older than you!! Your house looks like too much fun!! I look forward to more tree house pictures...I always wanted one and my kids have too.

The Rose Room said...

oh I do know the feeling, they just grow way to quick! Love your invites! Thanks for yesterday! Rachaelxo