Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We've Been to the Party Store.

Let me give you the run down on birthdays around here.

Hubby a.k.a. Daddy: March 28th

Lincoln a.k.a. (for now) Stinkin' Lincoln: April 17th

Parker a.k.a. big brother: April 28th

Ethan a.k.a. The Tubs: April 29th

Pearl a.k.a. Kitty: May 3rd

Me a.k.a. Mommy: May 20th

Needless to say, this is a BUSY birthday time around here. The typical buzz circulates around necessary details about how we will celebrate each special person's birthday, who wants to do what, or go where, what to give them as a gift (what do they need or really want) and what to tell the grandparents who eagerly wait to go birthday shopping what's on the list. My Mom has jokingly asked me to try and not have anymore Cupcakes during this 'season' (as if we have planned any of them) to try and save her bank account. With Easter and Mother's day always so close, things tend to get a little tight or should I say, "thinned'. But God does supply! We have decided on a old fashion birthday party for the two oldest boys with cousins (15 in all) and friends from church. It's gonna be an 'Army' theme, of course.
Preparations began when we all headed to the party store, 6 Cupcakes in tow, a preggo Mommy and a Daddy with cash in his wallet. Having an army theme (requested by the boys) really helped because my hubby REALLY started buying all the party extras. There must be a little boy in all Daddies where that make-believe-army-play never leaves. I found some great army party ideas and tank cake ideas and enlisted our young Navy guys from church to make this party a blast. Today I will be sending out our homemade-Uncle Sam-Top-Secret invitations. This is getting to be fun! I love parties! I just hate becoming a crazy 'I have to get the house cleaned before the party' Mommy.

Don't tell the boys---My fantastic hubby is building them a real tree house for a birthday present. I love a man who knows how to work.


GapGirl said...

OH MY!! Thats a lot of cake and streamers and fun. I LOVE birthdays, always fun!!! Can't wait to hear more of your birthday plans!!!!!

Raggedy Girl said...

I thought I had a lot of Birthday that stacked up but you will be a busy lady.

Happy Tuesday
from Roberta Anne

Simply Dandy said...

That is a lot of cake!!! Seriously Wendy, thank you so much for your sweet comment just now. It really meant a lot to me. You are such a sweetie. I want to be a good steward and a good daughter to My Father in Heaven. He really is all we need.


Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment, pretty lady. All the pink and flowers here speak to my girly heart. Blessings on all the birthdays coming up!

tami said...

you are busy! our family goes like this: ben-april 20, sarah-may 12, parker-july 7,rebekah- july 9, jamison- july 16, mommy and daddy- july 21 (yes we share a bday), andrew- aug 29 and hannah- nov 5 (all alone out there lol)