Friday, May 15, 2009

Family Meeting

Hubby, me & the little Cupcakes had a family meeting. One of the items on the agenda was choosing a name for the little sweetie soon to arrive in 9 weeks. We all took a turn picking names for her. Here are everyone's top choices...

Daddy: Evelyn, Vivian or Ruby.
Mommy: Ruby, Tallulah, Penelope...I can't decide! And what about her middle name? I'm having a hard time choosing for this baby.
Parker: Bandit. (When you're 9 years old, you don't care if it's a boy or a girl. You just want him/her to have a cool name.)
Ethan: Padmae (This is the offering from our Lego/Star Wars fanatic. At least it wasn't 'Yoda'.)
Sophia: Star-flake ,Ruby Sunshine-Rainbow-Sugar-Plum-Snoopy-Heart. (These are from our hippie chick. She's only 5.)
Charlie: Umm., Ummm., Ummm .(He's at that stage where his brain is moving faster than his mouth can blurt it out.)
Pearl: NO. (This really the only word she knows. Whether she means 'yes' or 'no' is irrelevant, her anwer is, "No!")
Lincoln: Missed the meeting for his bed and binky.

The other subjects on the agenda were: how to stay out of the kitchen unless you're the chef's little helper and keeping dirt off the patio.


blessedmomto7 said...

I like Penelope :) Or Vivian and call her VIVY!! Looks fun! Love your comforter!

LillySue said...

I know it's got the Star Wars connection, but I actually like Padmae! I always like names not overly used. Vivian and Ruby are getting used a lot right now. If you choose Penelope, make sure you like Penny because that is what her friends will probably call her. All of those names are nice. I think Claire is pretty...If we had another baby girl to name she would be either Jane (Janey) or Sally. My baby sister died of leukemia when she was 6....her name was Sally Jane. She told my mother the day before she passed that she knew she was going to die. My Mom asked her how she knew because she never told her the disease she had would kill her. Sally said, "The Angels came and told me I was going to go be with Jesus". She passed peacefully the next day. I am excited to get to see her and the baby I lost when I get to Heaven! (along with lots of other loved ones!)
My daughter is Holly and there has never been another Holly in her class. My son is Jesse. Good luck finding the perfect name for your new little cupcake!

Kim's Treasures said...

Cute names! Good luck choosing a name, you don't here Penelope or Vivian or Ruby very often.

Kelly said...

I like Lilly, Rose, or something flowery for your crew. It just seems like you should have a "flower" in your "bouquet."

But it looks to me like you might end up with a Ruby, since you both agree on that one :)

Brenna D. said...

I vote for Ruby!

A Romantic Porch said...

How fun to call a family meeting to name the baby. Sometimes I think our family meetings have been more on the order of...let's get a grip here and help momma pick up the living room! I can't wait to see what you pick for a name! xorachel

Bellamere Cottage said...

What a coincidence....I posted a picture of my pink slippers and my Ruby today for Pink Saturday!

I love all the old fashioned "happy" names... :-)


Suz said...

bandit? That is funny! I love that you had a family meeting on your bed. Seriously, lady... fairty tale princess!
And I have to love Penelope and Ruby. Although Heart was pretty fab! :) Such cute people at your house.

tami said...

i like ruby!
i just realized that your 2 boys are named what mine are. my parker is 9 in a few weeks and his twin ethan was miscarried.
i love your blog.