Wednesday, May 6, 2009

someone else just had a birthday here

sweet little sugar bear pearl
is now 2


Heather said...

ooh the big 2! Happy Birthday. love those curls!

The Rose Room said...

she's as cute as a button! Thanks so much for your supportive comments:) Rachaelxo

Sara said...

Your family is just precious. To answer your question:) YES! We would love to have more children. Unfortunately, I don't get pregnant easily. People find that hard to believe given that we have had five kids... but we worked and prayed hard for all of them:) We have opened up the door for the Lord to bless us through adoption. I would love to carry another baby though,(secretly I am praying for both, an adopted baby and a biological baby:) I think that would bring a different healing to my heart than if I don't ever have another after having the experience end the way it did with Samuel. We are trusting God to grow our family... We will see what he does:)
By the way, we have the same tree fort book. And my hubby and boys built theirs last fall, it was such a fun experience for them all:)