Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rock star with a binky

Pioneering a church has been really awesome for our little Twinkie pies. Coming from a large church to pioneer a new church with a congregation of 1 person has been an adventure. Now with 50-60 people, our Cuppycakes have been part of the growth and change that has taken place in our wonderful little church. Musically, socially, and trusting in God, they are involved in one way or another. It has not been easy. Moving to our quaint little town and taking over the Church has meant that my husband is bi-vocational. What does that mean? It means that until the church is self-supportive in all aspects and then some, he works a regular job. (A public high school teacher in a very low income area. And he loves it!) I am not blessed with a husband that works from home during the day. I wouldn't mind though. We have been stretched in many ways. Around here, we are always trying to balance our life, our children, the home and Church. All the while, making sure God always comes first. Our children WANT to go to Church Sunday morning, Sunday and Wednesday nights. They can't wait! While my husband is a Husband, a Daddy, high school teacher, a Pastor that is busy with outreaches, services, church cleaning, church paperwork, house bills, men's discipleship meetings, counseling, home projects, church-to-do-lists, helping change diapers, playing basketball with the boys, setting up tents, bathing babies....and all the other little things (he cooks dinner too!). But somehow, with God's help and grace we are able to balance it all-- we have order and not chaos, love and not friction, harmony (for the most part) and not division, joy and not frustration. Our children are a part of it all... And they love it! How do I know? Because of the comments other people make regarding their personalities, attitudes, and general demeanor. My children are blessed and you can see it in them. Whether we had one or six children, we have always done everything and gone everywhere together ...errands, sports, activities, trips, Church and anywhere else we might go. And now, we have seven and I suspect that part of our life won't change a bit.

We are a family who puts God first! This is what it is all about: Raising my children to know Jesus and glorify God with their lives.

Of course, there are many days when I'm frustrated and exhausted, but this is the life God's given us and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Wow! Simply inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


Amanda Sikes said...

I didn't know that you were a pastor's wife. And to a bi-vocational minister, even! So am I. Your post was so accurate and so true about us even. Most people don't understand how many hats these men wear and how much we, as their wives, must shoulder due to the long hours and endless giving that our husbands do.
It is so nice to find someone that truly understands this life that we call "normal". I love your blog. You are truly an inspiration to me. We have four children and also minister, serve, and live together. We do everything as a family. And my children love it. God is so good. Thank you for sharing.

My Home of Five said...

As a wife of a preacher, I understand a bit of your life. Our children love to go to church as well. What a blessing it is to hear when people comment on how well the children behave! I give God all the glory because if we didn't live it each day, it would definitely show!

Although I just found your blog recently, you have already been a blessing! Thank you.

Rachel and Family said...

Great post. Sounds like we're in the same boat!