Saturday, October 24, 2009

another sugar cereal saturday

"Hey Buzz, I didn't realize you were down there."

"Mmmm! Good to the last bite."

"Hey Mommy, I'm all out."

"I see you Mommy."


"If I can just get my hands on that box."


Inglesidemom said...

We feed our children unlimited bowls of sugared cereal on Sunday night and call it Sunday Night Cereal. I am sure there is a memory in the making there somewhere. Although, I admit, we started the tradition out of sheer laziness.

Rose said...

He looks a lot like my little guy when he wants more cereal. This morning he climbed on a chair and got himself a bowl. Went to the silverware drawer and got a spoon and was sitting at the table waiting for his cereal. And it was sugary cereal too.

GapGirl said...

Funny... I just read your Nov.20,2008 post about the small christmas tree. We have all the Charlie Brown holiday specials too and use them as part of our yearly tradition. We watch a certain one on certain days pertaining to the holiday coming up.Tonight we will be carving pumpkins, eating apple scrisp and hot chocolate while watching Its the great pumpkin charlie brown!!! We LOVE it!
Have fun and hope your kids loved it as much as ours

Farmgirl Cyn said...

When my kids were little we initiated "Saturday Cereal". I would buy whatever kind of SUGAR cereal they wanted, but they could only have it on Saturdays, and they could have only one (large) bowl of it. That way they got the sugary stuff advertised on TV, but not on a school day. They still talk about their favorite Saturday Cereals!

Marilyn said...

What child wouldn't love to get hold of a whole box of sugar!!
Your little guy is adorable!!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

MMMMMMMM!!! Fruity Pebbles!! We LOVE them in our house!!! : )

~ Wendy