Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some uninteresting facts about me part 3:

1. When we got married my hubby could not stand that I used the words "yum yums" for food, "ya-yas" for little owwies and "jammies" for pajamas (pronounced JAAAAM-EEEES by me).
2. I just love snuggling on the couch with my children in the morning before doing anything else.
3. My favorite restaurant is Wood Ranch {can you say, 'baby back ribs'?}.
4. My second baby {Ethan} had an extreme case of colic. The most miserable baby became the most kindhearted of them all.
5. Sometimes I go into drama mode and pretend{as a joke} to cry in front of my husband when I have had a hard day.
6. Red use to be my favorite color.
7. I would love to have a baby, # 8 {soon}.
8. If I have another girl one day, I love the name Vivienne.
9. I am part Spaniard, American Indian, Irish, Bohemian and French Canadian.
10. There are moments when I get really, REALLY scared about my father's cancer and how much longer he'll be around.
11. Our church is pretty radical for Jesus.
12. When I saw my husband street preaching for the first time before we were married, I found myself thinking, "I could definitely marry that."
13. For Christmas I want a new camera and a new large window over my bed.
14. I would love to live in Utah, but I really can not handle the cold and snow {not to mention I would miss my parents terribly}.
15. I used to spend hundreds of dollars having my hair colored, only to find out {when I no longer could afford to do it} that my natural hair color was actually the color I was always trying to achieve.

Part 1. Part 2.


Marilyn said...

About the hair color.... Isn't life just quirky sometimes???? I have NEVER colored my hair. I always said I would NEVER be a slave to my hair.
Baby #8?? Girl you got so much love in you!! Bless You!!
Love to You, Hubby & all your Little Cupcakes!!

Inglesidemom said...

I think I am going to shamelessly copy you and do this on my own blog. After all, I am SOOOOO interesting that it might be nice to give my 2 readers a break and share my uninteresting side. ;-)

GapGirl said...

Very interesting... were you trying to hint something with baby #8???

The Rose Room said...

I love learning little tit-bits about other bloggers!! Rachaelxoq

Jerelene said...

Loved this...I always love hearing neat things about people...isn't it wonderful how different we all are? It would be so boring if we were all alike :) You sound like a really fun person to be around!(baby no. 8...Ruby would have a playmate:)
Have a happy weekend with your sweeties!!
Love, Jerelene