Tuesday, October 27, 2009

while papou visited.

A few weeks before my husband's Dad flew in from the east coast, my little sweeties were heard repeatedly asking when their Papou {a term of endearment for a Greek grandfather} was coming. They were eager to know each night if tonight would be the night his airplane would be arriving. When the day finally came, my children stayed awake in their beds until 10:00 pm waiting to hear his knock at the door. While my father in law visited from Massachusetts, we managed to get a week's worth of visits into about 36 hours. Then we sent him off with many hugs to visit my husband's brother and family who live a couple hours away. But, Papou will be back again next month. Yet while he was here, we managed to: Have a homemade french toast breakfast, go to the mall as a family to get Ruby's ears pierced, shoot off the boy's model rocket in a nearby field, put on a 'rap' show for Papou , take a trip to the park to play, take some much needed naps, go out for a very nice dinner at "The Wood Ranch" {all 10 of us}, have a few late-night father-son chats, be treated to a much kid-appreciated McDonald's breakfast, and send him off with a loving farewell until next time. Wow!


Kim's Treasures said...

Your kids must have had so much fun! That's awesome!

Marilyn said...

WOW... That thar's a lotta' livin' is 36 hours!!
Glad you all had fun!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Kelly said...

So good to see him again. He looks very much the same. Just older. But then again, so do I :)