Thursday, November 12, 2009

a family business

The kids are trying to fix Pearl's bed {but it isn't broken}.

What do we have here? A future auto mechanic?

No-- maybe this one's gonna be a welder.

Even the girls got involved; Everyone can help.

I wonder what this does?
"Hey guys, can I help too?"

Believe it or not, this game of 'fix the bed' lasted for over an hour.
It's such a blessing to have older kids who will interact with the younger ones.
And to see them all playing together harmoniously is always a treat.
I wish it would last all day!
I wonder if this is the beginnings of a family business?!


GapGirl said...

Ha ha... how cute

Kriss said...

Everyday your blog makes me smile. I don't even know you and when I see something pink I automatically think you would like it, how crazy is that. LOL. -kriss