Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Uninteresting things about me: part 4

1. I do not like raisins, neither by themselves or in my food.

2. I love walnuts and almonds.

3. Sometimes my kids have to deal with my personal garbage/baggage I acquired through 25 years of NOT having Jesus in my life.

4. I have gotten each of my daughter's ears pierced at 10 weeks.

5. I am most like my paternal Grandma.

6. I fell in love with my husband the second time I saw him.

7. My husband and I had a very VERY hard time the first few years of marriage. But,
we both cared passionately for something that was greater than ourselves.

8. I was once addicted to buying strollers... And I had a rather large collection stowed away in my attic until my husband made me
purge them.

9. I can be one tough cookie. I can also be one very fragile woman.

10. I love to read.
My favorite read right now is "Renewel on The Run".

11. My favorite magazines are Romantic Country and Above Rubies.

12. My personal opinion is that my husband cooks & bakes better than me. Not that I am that bad, but that he is REALLY good.

13. If I were not a Mommy, then my natural inclination would be to work as some kind of event coordinator/planner.

When my husband and I are goofing around it is clear that I am a youngest sibling and that he is the oldest in birth order.

15. When I go into Lakeshore (a school supply store), I want to buy anything and everything I can get my hands on and my budget around. I feel like a child let loose in a candy shop.

16. Even though I should ask for help more often than I do, I have a really hard time letting someone else do (what I consider to be) my work for me. Basically, I like doing it all even when it's too much.


Marilyn said...

Ahhhhh, Sweetie with a family the size of yours you are already an "event planner/coordinator!!
Love Ya',

Rose said...

I'm the same way when I go into a school store. Which is why I can't go into one unless there's something I absolutely need there.

And I also have a very hard time asking for help. Then I get so tired and crabby that it comes out the wrong way when I do ask. I'm working on that one.

Jessi said...

I totally understand that last one...even when my husband tells me I can sleep in, I *have* to get up to take care of him (iron his clothes, cook breakfast, etc). Part of it may be that we're newlyweds but I also just feel like doing it. (I'm sure I'll take him up on the offer to sleep in when we've got kids though!)

Krystal said...

I get "Above Rubies," too! It's great!

Amanda said...

Hum... after reading this list...

I think I like you even more. :)