Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was most delicious. Daddy, our chef-er, {nicknamed by the kiddos} put together our Christmas dinner of prime rib with horse radish sauce, asparagus, corn, couscous, yorkshire pudding, sourdough rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted potatoes and martenilli's. We enjoyed it to the fullest and were greatly stuffed. While coordinating it all and timing it correctly, my husband remained amazingly stress free {I'm afraid to think of what I might have been like!} and I was able to spend extra time with my dad who is not doing very well with his cancer.

Now that we've already put all the decorations away and have taken down the tree-- they've been up for over a month and I needed to reclaim some much needed space-- I am a little sad that it couldn't last a bit longer. I suppose that's what causes us to cherish those moments; they don't happen every day and perhaps far fewer than we would like. But I do know this: Christmas is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for one reason only:


GapGirl said...

How wonderful it all looks. I will be praying for your dad<3

Marilyn said...

You are so right.... This is what memories are made of.
I too, will say a few prayers for your father!! My thoughts are with you!!
Happy New Year!

Melinda said...

Beautiful family!
Lucky you to have a husband that cooks! I too am soon taking down the tree and decorations, although I m going to miss it.
Happy New Year!

The syders said...

Lovely post! Seeing all your family sitting around the table reminds me of my Christmases growing up...Happy New Year to you all!