Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We have always loaded up the big old suburban and, as a family, picked out the Christmas tree. This year no one felt well enough to make this adventure.
Instead Daddy snuck away and surprised his ill ridden little ones, arriving with a beautiful green tree on top of the family car.
Many faces brightened up and excitement filled our home once again.
Daddy is our hero.


Heather said...

aww, what a sweet daddy. how are the kids doing? i hope they are feeling better.

Jessica said...

How nice of your husband (and the kids' daddy).

Marilyn said...

How sweet.... Some day they will say.... "Do you remember that year when we were sick & Daddy surprised us with the Christmas Tree??".
Precious Memories Honey...Precious Memories!!

blessedmomto8 said...

We've all had colds here too UGH! I think we are on the mend. My morning sickness and exhaustion have DELAYED our Christmas decor-maybe til next Christmas!!

Tina Fisher said...

Oh....too bad...I hope everybody is well now.

How nice of Daddy to do that! Way to save the day!

Rose said...

We were planning to put ours up last weekend but somehow never quite got to it. Maybe next week. Hope you all feel better soon.