Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with my husband.
I was telling him how I had had one of those hard days and
how my kitchen floors were a little too dirty for my comfort zone.
I was thinking: This has been one my hardest days.
That was until I heard two little munchkins in the kitchen.
That my hard day really was not a hard day.
My husband urged me to go in there and take a look.
I was scared to.
As a walked over to the kitchen my husband heard me shriek over the phone:
"Oh no!"
My hard day had now turned into a REALLY hard day.
And those kitchen floors which I had thought about cleaning
were now going to be cleaned...
Whether I liked it or not.
What was the best medicine for this?
Grabbing my camera and making it a memory.
Yes, this disaster would be a victory.
Some day in the distant future, I might
actually be able to laugh about this.
And no I did not ask Pearl to clean up the chili powder.
She just likes to clean. Really.


Mama said...

Wowza!!! Good for you making it a better moment.

Marilyn said...

Oh...Oh!! (I love those adorable faces!!)
Happy Holidays!!

Jessica said...

Hehe... Loads of fun on the kids parts!

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