Friday, January 29, 2010

another project.

My husband is a man of many projects. Maybe it's my fault-- the woman with an ever-changing and perpetually growing 'to do' list. My parents have this false notion that I am a slave driver... a husband slave driver.

On New Year's day, they invited us over for lunch mentioning to my husband that he should come down to visit so that I couldn't make him do any projects around the house on the holiday... That is just so NOT TRUE!

I happened to marry the kind of guy who has trouble just sitting around; He WANTS to be doing something and he enjoys projects {most of the time}. He enjoys fixing and building. And with a small home and a large family, we are always thinking of ways to improve and gain space.

We kinda have this running joke about our relationship: I tell people that my husband's back hurts from having to carry out my great ideas. But I know the truth, he likes my honey-do lists.


Marilyn said...

My husband says.....
I'm muscles...she's brains!"
....although I have seen him cringe when I start a sentence with "I just had an idea....." LOL!!
Gotta' Love Our Guys!!
Have a Great Day!

The Rose Room said...

he's a very clever man from the looks of it!!! Lucky you!!! Rachaelxo

Mrs.Rabe said...

Great bunkbeds - are they toddler size? Isn't it wonderful to have a handy husband? Mine is so great with this kind of thing as well!

It bet the boys were so excited!

Pink Slippers said...

yes they are toddler size.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping my hubby will make us some of those.What a great idea.