Thursday, January 21, 2010

another rainy day.

I am really not scared of my little ones. SO when an individual feels bad for me because I will be inside with my 7 children for a week due to a storm I don't reply with an UGGHH. After all, I wanted all 7 of these little stinkers. I actually really welcomed it. And still do.

In fact, I love when it rains here. One of my favorite past times is looking at my garden and yard during and after a good rain. I think it's pretty.

And my children love the fact that (especially when it's raining) they get to do art...lots of art. So I pulled out the art supplies while waiting for the sunshine.
I love children that love art. And my children really love art.

So until it stops pouring huge rain drops and the thunder stops roaring, we'll stay nice and dry, bundled in pajamas. Playing in homemade indoor tents and doing lots of art...lots.


Marilyn said...

From the looks of the California weather forecast you better have a lot of art supplies!!

Rachel and Family said...

Okay... I may be confessing something here... but it looks like you might do it too...

Sometimes, when we have no place to go, nothing to do at school or church...

We stay in our jammies ALL DAY LONG!!


Katy & Ross said...

That picture of Ruby with her little rubber band wrists (that's what we always called the line where the chunky arm stoped and the hand started on my cousins)and curls is priceless!

And all of those art projects look like so much fun! I'd rather be there than work! What a fun mommy!

Sarah said...

I love rainstorms too! The cozy feel inside is the best!
Your kids are truly strike-ingly good-looking! Beautiful eyes, all of them.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love how you show and share your LOVE of being with your children!

I know some ladies with many less children who are often complaining of their kids driving them is sad to me.

I love that they like to do art and that they get to enjoy it when it is rainy! They must have been generating lots of art this week!

Kim said...

I loved that line "I'm really not scared of my children"


Lori said...

Ruby and her blankie, how utterly precious! What a wonderful mom who lets kids have craft days! I just adore all your honesty and devotion you have to your family, your such a sweet heart! I just look at your children and they just always warm my heart, they are each so beautiful to me! Lori

The Rose Room said...

I love that they all love art! The are art themselves! Rachaelxo