Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ethan: You know what, Mommy? I'm going to write down my kids names and show them to my wife some day and then she can decide if these names are good.

Mommy: Wow, what a great idea.

Parker: I'm going to have as many kids as you. PLUS 2 extra for you and Daddy.

Ethan: I'm going to have 9.

Charlie: I'm going to have this many {showing all ten fingers}.

Mommy: That's a lot.

Parker: If you have 1 more I'm going to add another too.

Ethan: {Jotting down names on my yellow mini legal pad}.....Max, Steve, Tom....

Mommy: Where did you get Tom?

Ethan: From my reading book. I'm taking them all from the book.

Mommy: If each one of you have 10 children, I will have 70 grandchildren. Wow! I don't know if I will remember who all my grandchildren are.

Parker: ((((laughing))) yeah.


Rose said...

That is so sweet and cute. But you might want to begin working on those memory skills now. :-)

Mrs.Rabe said...


I love it! We talk to our 6 kids and say if each of them have 6 kids we will have 36 grandkids, and if each of the 36 grandkids has 6...well you get the idea! What blessings!

Sarah said...

My grandmother had 9 nine children...and 44 grandchildren...not as much as you will have someday :) but pretty good! (22 girls, 22 boys!)

Vivian said...
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Vivian said...

looks like one of the little guys lost a tooth...i love to see them with there teeth darn cute.

Sara x said...

I love the fact that they love being part of a big family. Shows what great parents you are. It is so cute that they are planning their children's name lets hope the future wives agree xxx

The Rose Room said...

you going to have to move house to accommodate all those grandchildren!!! Imagine Christmas!!!Rachaelxo