Monday, January 18, 2010

leaving out my legos.

My boys love legos. I mean, if they could marry legos, they would. I find legos in couches, under couches, in washing machines, dryers, pant pockets, next to the bathroom door on a shelf, on top of the toilet, in beds, under dressers, under beds.....

When I get ready to vacuum, I am required to give a warning shout letting them know that Mr. Vacuum will swallow any legos left on the floor. A warning that takes the blame off me if any legos do get eaten. They have learned to do a great clean up in the nick of time.

But, beware of the little 1 year old brother and 2 year old sister getting into the boy's room after a day of masterpiece creations. They are notorious for destroying hours of work in the blink of an eye. They can't help themselves-- they seem to be drawn by some irresistable, invisible force. Those tiny little pieces look so tasty and and inviting; they're also great to throw.

The boys have been known to let out an Indian war cry upon discovering that one of the beasts has invaded their living quarters and destroyed their creations.

Sometime in the near future, a shelf-- high above the reach of lego wrecking hands-- will have to be installed. Daddy?.....


Kelly said...

HA! Sounds like MY house! LEGOS EVERYWHERE!! And thankfully, we DO have the "high shelf" for all things "untouchable," but now that the littlest is 3, it seems like we don't have to worry about that as much any more.

Oh, and here's a little tip for Sophia: Polly Pockets make GREAT damsels in distress for those lego knights :) Just ask my Libby!!

Rachel and Family said...

That is EXACTLY my home! Lego mania, little sisters destroying masterpeices, and a fair warning when vacuum comes! Ha!ha!ha!

Michelle said...

Cute blog:) I have 7 kids...and my boys LOVE legos. They just never seem to outgrow them!

And they love K'Nex and Magnetix are popular around here also:)


Sarah said...

I have 4 boys...all Lego crazy. I told someone recently that the most precious things in this house (besides humans and a dog of course) is my boys' Lego creations...hours and hours and hours...not to mention some major cash thrown in to! (We bought a cheap table at Kmart and tons of shelves for their room...everything MUST be kept up high out of 2 year old destroyer's hands.
Love your blog!