Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lord's Army.

This is Ethan's new look. He is an army guy. He has already been "Annikan Skywalker" from Star Wars. "Ben 10" from, well, you know Ben 10. This is his new uniform that he makes sure is washed every night for the following morning dressing. He even made sure he wore this outfit to church for the Navy men to see his new look; And to 6 am prayer at the church; And the store; And the....


Marilyn said...

...I would much rather see him in God's army than a nations army.
Salute to you too!!

The Rose Room said...

he looks very handsome in it, its a wonder he is not sleeping in it! Rachaelxo

tales from an oc cottage said...

Way to raise them up, mom!

m ^..^

Lori said...

My youngest was the same and will be attending Notre Dame for officers training, R.O.T.C beginning in May. Still loves camo! Lori