Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a boy & his tie.

I bought the boys these really cool books. Each one is part of a set called "The Boys Book (...of Survival, ...of Greatness, ...How To Be The Best At Everything). They're all an offshoot of "The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Things to Do". The books are filled with different topics of, you know, the really important stuff that boys need to know. Or at least, they want to know. For example, there's instruction on how to make bottle rockets, the best way to annoy their brothers and sisters and how to tie a tie.

Let me just make it clear that I do not make my boys wear suits, but it is they who insist on wearing them to church. I even encourage them to change up the combinations in their dress attire by suggesting different outfits, but the boys say, "Come on, Mom," and I relent. I even bought a bunch of ties to give them a little variety.

One little guy in particular wants to wear a real tie {not a clip on}. When I asked him why he chooses one over the other, he tells me because it's fancy. I actually think it's rather chivalrous and shows a true gentlemen in the making.

No matter how rushed, late or chaotic our mornings can be at times....Ethan will patiently work on his tie to make it look just right for Sunday service.....Now night service attire is a different story: Remember the army outfit?


Duckygirl said...

Little Gentleman indeed. :O)

Now I'm off to look up those books, I think my boys would love them!


Mommy Dear said...

You have the cutest ideas! I think my son will love these!!

thechattymommy said...

I love suits for church! What a great mom you are to teach your son to tie a tie. The husband still goes to his dad's house and has him tie it before we go to a wedding and it makes us late, but I love him- lol
Have you considered a question and answer post- I know I have some questions for you. :)

Katy and Ross said...

How sweet! He will be the perfect gentleman growing up :)

Kathi said...

I will HAVE to find those books! boys do not own suits, they do, however, own full Digital ACUs from an officiall Military shop...go figure! I'll have to look up your "Army Outfit" post.

**Where do you get your boys suits, without going broke?

Mercy said...

So cute. Makes him look so grown up.

The syders said...

This post made me smile...Fab!
I have left you an award on my blog. Please do not feel under any obligation to accept it I just want you to know your blog makes me happy and I love to read it!