Saturday, February 13, 2010

get your game on.

My two boys have been playing basketball during the winter season and we've been shuffling the two of them {and the kid next door} back and forth to practice. Different practice days and different game days. I have to say, I have never really been into basketball, but now that my two boys are playing and one is extremely competitive, I have a tendency to really get into the games.

I am often heard yelling to the boys, praying as they take a shot and giving one of those 'mommy pep talks'. I wouldn't say I'm obnoxious about any of it, but I do really enjoy getting caught up into it all. These are my boys! And I am one proud Mama. So I think it makes it all okay to have fun, get crazy, and enjoy a little basketball adrenaline. Not to mention, the games are not like their football or baseball games....instead I am sitting in the bleachers INDOORS where it's nice and warm. Did I mention I really like basketball?

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