Thursday, March 4, 2010

button & book.

Did you notice our mommy's new blog button?
over there ====>

Grab it if you like.
It's kinda cute with our tiny faces.

One more thing....
I learned about this book called
Before I Was Your Mother by Kathryn Lasky
from Kathi over at A Mother's Prayers.
Thank You!
Let me just say: I love it and so do my girls.


Kathi said...


It was my blog, and I told you that you'd LOOOVE it !!!


*I DID notice the button, and it is so sweet, I need to make a "Button Jar" page on my blog!!!

Hattie said...

Baaaahahaha! The little one's face in the last pic just cracked me up! Ha! Great book!

Marilyn said...

Hi Ya' Sweetie!!
Having decided not to accept Awards anymore I have deleted the ones I had & in their place I am putting some buttons of my favorite blogs!!
So-o-o-o You are the very first!!
I just love your blog & your little family!!

Kathi said...

You didn't have to link up to me.

But it would be nice, if a few people noticed, and started to link up with Suzanne at The Joyful Chaos for her Children's Book Tuesday!!! :)

...and by the looks of your "book blessings" you could link up with a whole bunch of em'!

Have a great day!