Tuesday, March 9, 2010

from my pastor.

{laundry day in the background}

My Pastor sent this email to me & my husband......
{not knowing what has been recently commented on this blog}

Chris and Wendy, I was teaching on 2 Timothy 4:6-7 today to the PIT (Pastors in Training). I thought of you and used you for the illustration of 'fighting the good fight" (diapers, crying, no longer thinking of yourself, forgiving each other many times daily, all the issues) of having the "rewards" children. Now for me it's past and a new chapter is being written, but it all goes back to "finishing the race" I'm finished living for myself, eternity is calling and we need to fill it up with people. God bless you.... the battle for your souls is a great victory for Heaven and a great defeat for hell. PR

Wow---I love to be encouraged.
It is good for the soul.

Thank you Pastor Rob.


Ali said...

Just popped over from MckMama's Community.

I enjoyed reading your blog especially the one about children. I have never understood how people can make such rude statements about someone else's decision to have how ever many children they so choose to have.

May God Bless you and your family!

Sarah said...

I didn't comment on that last post, but I just wanted to say this. That mean comment you got (and I've had my share so I know how you feel!)...it was just really really silly. The actual comment didn't really even make sense in so many ways, and is obviously coming from someone who has their own trials to deal with.
I think of my own tiny little grandma having nine children...all incredible people...the same from my other grandma who had 8. From these wonderful offspring, their have been upwards of 80 grandchildren. From fighter pilots to pediatric oncologists, from teachers to professors, from coaches to sherrifs, nurses and counselors...the list goes on and on when considering incredible contributions made to this world by these people.
You SO obviously LOVE your children...and that has NOTHING to do with money. NOTHING! It has to do with love and attention and purposeful parenting. And just by reading your blog for a few minutes, it is SO apparent that you do all of these things.
I am so excited for you to add another precious baby to your already much-loved bunch. Congratulations!

Shari said...

What a blessing to receive a comment like that. I am new to your blog and love it! My husband and I also trusted the Lord with how many children we would have. He has so far stopped us at three with the youngest being seven. I love it when couples let the the Lord decide how many fruits of the womb they will have. :-)

Marilyn said...

Hi Ya'Sweetie!!
Both of you just keep your heads held high & you will be fine!! Don't let someone elses opinion that knows nothing about you bother you!!
Have a Great Evening!

Pam said...

Hi! I just found my way here through Clover Lane...what a cute blog! I think big families are amazing! What about the Kennedy's? There were 9 of them! ...Best of luck with your pregnancy! I wish I was pregnant!

Carla said...

Amen!!! Mommy needs this in the 'middle of the battle':) It is well worth it.
I recently had contact with two long lost friends, neither have children (by choice), I was thinking about what they have accomplished (her-newspaper editor, him-furniture designer), and my first thought was "Wow, I haven't accomplished anything in the last twenty years", then I remembered my babies. I accomplished the impossible!! (Thank you God:) Fight the good fight. Love it. God bless you and yours in your journey.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You are in the middle of a spiritual battle...There are many who don't get it, but you and your husband do - children are a gift and a heritage from the Lord...I like a quote from Doug Phillips "The Bible calls children a blessing and debt a curse, but in our culture we apply for curses and reject blessings." You and your husband receive your children as blessings. This brings Glory to God! Your testimony of joy and delight in your children brings Glory to God. Keep your eyes on him!

passion4pink said...

Well Oh my!!! I just read back to March 6 on your blog and can't believe those nasty mean MEAN MEAN comments that person, Anonymous?? left for you. Whoa!!I don't know what to say except congratulations for finding the happiness in your life wherever or however it happens. LOve your stories & I would love to be surrounded by such little bundles of joy.

Catherine Anne said...

I love your blog. What a blessing to have such a large beautiful family. I too will be stopping in often... Blessing Catherine