Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is a post to complain a little.
Why do movies geared toward children have content that is anything but that which is appropriate for children. That was not a question.
Notice there were not any question marks? {That was}
My children see trailers for fun, animated new movies, but when my husband and I are asked if they can watch them at my parent's home, or by borrowing a friends, I ALWAYS google the title and read up on the content. What I find out is usually very disappointing. Really.
Who is trying to open my children's innocent eyes earlier then needed? Is it really necessary? It is disappointing. Disappointing that a child's innocence is not treated as sacred and instead it is viewed as something to be violated by the movie industry's lust to seed their minds with their world view at as early an age as possible.
Their (demonic) strategy is expose them to worldliness in order to help them be "more accepting." And they want us (parents) to be the ones to help introduce it; Or be the bad guys if we don't.
If you do, what will it cost in the end?
It's not just immodesty, crude humor & improper behavior-- it's so much worse than that.


Krystal said...

Oh yeah! Hollywood's the worst! My parents always look stuff up on (which is affiliated with Focus on the Family, I believe.).

Have you ever noticed that almost all Disney movies only feature one parent? The ones I CAN think of that at least START with 2, usually one of them dies! ugh!

Kathi said...

So Sad.It's getting harder and harder to find a good Family Movie to watch on a Friday Night. Princess and the Frog was Terrible, UP - the first half was Great...the second half, Terrible, we did, However watch Winn Dixie again last Friday, and it was Still GREAT...

Shari said...

I hear you! We have unsaved family and they send us items that just aren't appropriate for our children's eyes. It is getting more difficult to find movies, etc. for them to watch as a treat.

Marilyn said...

You got that right....... The making of movies as well as the writing of books now days is dependent on "shock value".
Unfortunately sex & violence sells or at least that is what "they" think.
Good luck in keeping your little ones innocent when everything seems to be against it!!

Kelly said...

This is why we don't have a TV and don't do movies or videos. The most my kids have seen are documentaries---mainly on particular topics that we've studied in school---and from the library. Generally, the worst we deal with, with that, is evolutionary comments that we quickly dispel (ie: "30 million years ago when the oceans formed...").

In this day and age, the devil is playing for keeps, and is trying to steamroll our children at younger and younger ages. I don't care what the world, and even the religious world, says: I'm not going to throw my children's hearts and minds to the wolves. I am responsible for them, and I will shelter them for as long as is necessary for them to be grounded and established in the Truth that sets them free. And even then, I trust I will train them to shield THEMSELVES from these tactics of the devil, so they can be holy and spiritually potent adults.

It all starts now. Garbage in, garbage out. I'm not taking chances with ANY garbage!!

And I don't really care WHO mocks me for it, either ;)

Lisa said...

amen sister! i hate how hard it is to find things that are entertaining and appropriate. and now that my oldest is around other kids more she wants to see the same movies they see (princess and the frog!) and i have to explain why we're not going to see that. or why this princess is dressed immodestly. or why cinderella only lives with stepmother and has no father or mother and where the wicked queen in snow white goes when she dies...(these are our most recent conversations!)
then i'm the "paranoid" mom who questions the other parents about what movies they plan on showing my kids on playdates etc. i hate it. or i'm the one pulling my two out of a room at a birthday party because the movie they're watching isn't appropriate.

such a tough battle, one that i wish there was no need for!

FieryCanuck77 said...

I hear you!!! It's tough. I'm thankful that my kids are incredibly Sensitive (they will actually run out of the room in fear if a character in a video is mean or disobeying! It's funny yet sweet!) otherwise it would be more difficult. But I already sensor what they watch (we don't watch typical tv, just some stuff on Discovery, but I'd be happy to cut cable altogether) My kids' friends at school watch things I wouldn't think of letting my kids watch! (at a Christian school....a boy in my son's grade 1 class saw Avatar, which disturbed me.)

My question is why are these PG 13 movies so commercialized that kid's meals contain toys from them? Avatar toys for my 3 year old, who isn't even old enough to watch the movie??? It's disgusting!

Just last weekend, my 8 year old had a sleepover at a friend's house and came home and told me that she watched The Princess and the Frog (or whatever it's called. The new Disney one)..I wasn't impressed!

Anonymous said...

There is a great organization called Feature Films for Families. It is a Christian co. that helps produce family-friendly movies with good messages. They also work on Hollywood film makers to produce better family movies. I am not sure of their web site, but you could google it. We have a number of their movies, and my kids have enjoyed them.
Laura from FL

Mercy said...

I understand the difficulty of finding good viewing material for kids. Most mcvies are just not "kid-friendly" any more.

Here are links to sites where I've found good, Bible-based videos if you are interested. (My kids love the Cherub Wings DVD series. They are christian videos with songs and stories. Each one also has a Bible story on it, and memory verses in song.) (This site contains two DVD series I like. One is the Kiddie Viddie series, done in music video style for babies and toddlers. The other is the Treasure Attic series, aimed at 4-10 year olds. Except for the Bible ones, the videos aren't specifically "christian" but I can vouch for the content as being inspiring and highly educational.)

Amanda Sikes said...

So true. We stick with the old classics most of the time and even then you must be careful. If we don't protect our children who will?

This post is so timely for me. To see all the other families comment it makes me realize that we are not alone in our convictions even though we stand alone in our families.

denise said...

i could go on and on about this topic...really even the movies that seem to have good intentions (my mom has bought several christian videos with moral lessons in them) have content that isn't age appropriate or teaches my daughter bad behavior she had never thought of or insecurities she doesn't have...i remember this as a child my mom bought so many self-help books trying to connect with me and i always thought "am i THAT messed up?" or was always trying to figure out why...sorry i'm digressing from the movie topic...but my point is that as parents we each have such a responsibility and there are so many important values that is seems nearly impossible for someone else to fully understand the place our children are at...i totally agree with you in general our children are asked to learn too much too fast and grow up, deal with issues they shouldn't even know about...they don't need "evil" and villains at such early ages or role models on how to mistreat people even if it resolves...thanks for the topic! and for letting me vent...

The Pauls' Family said...

I agree. It is very sad to see how the morals in movies have declined over the past few years. You used to be able to trust that a G rated movie would be OK, but now rarely is it even remotely OK. I don't think we should be suprised though. What better way for the enemy to infiltrate our morals than in the way of entertainment.

It's sad what we, as humans, will put up with for just an hour or two of entertainment.
Not all Christians have the same view on what is morally OK to watch either. I have found that even some of the Christians that do reviews are very lenient on their standards. It really bugs me when they say something like, "It has a few off color words, so I will give it a 5." A
5! how about a zero? Doesn't a little bit of something makes the whole thing bad.
Anyway, as you can tell I am passionate about this subject, and am saddened as you are by the lack of wholesome material out there.
Thank you for convictions on this subject.