Monday, May 17, 2010


I have not posted in a week for no reason other than that I have been very busy and enjoying Mommyhood.

The sun was shining bright and warm all last week. The kids and I have been outside in bathing suits no later than 9 am. It's been good. But I got sunburned on a couple of those days even after putting sunblock on the kids. Ha! I think I learned my lesson.

Ethan has finished all his school workbooks, Sophia has a few more phonics lessons with Daddy and Parker is in the home stretch. Victory! We are counting down with much perseverence. A big ice cream party is scheduled for the last day of school to celebrate another successful school year. The kids were great and as always, I picked up a few valuable tidbits which will make for an even better next year.

Summer basketball sign-ups have started and I can't wait. I love the boy's basketball games. Love them! And swim lessons are in full effect here. And soon, Daddy will plop down our big jelly-fish pool in our backyard. This year, I may buy a raft to float on along with the kids. Sounds relaxing and fun.

Pearl, who turned three two weeks ago, is completely potty trained thanks to her own desire to be a big girl and get potty trained on her own. Thanks Pearl. I have never had a child like Pearl. Her naps are diaper free. Yeah Pearl!

We are counting down the days to our annual international bible conference. One of the biggest milestones in our year. In the past, it's been such a great time for our family that the kids begin asking us when we're going to return before we've even left the hotel parking lot for the drive back home. That's a good thing.

And by the way...I honestly had the BEST Mother's Day last week. The best. Seriously. It all started Saturday when we went family shopping. I love shopping no matter if it's for me, the kids or hubby. It's fun. I had a relaxing Saturday. Spent time in the sunshine and my husband put on a full BBQ baby back rib (my favorite) dinner with all the fixins'-- cornbread, coleslaw, baked beans, etc. To my surprise on Sunday, I woke up at 6 am to find Ethan and Daddy making me homemade chocolate dipped strawberries. They even got me a vanilla latte and maple oat scone from starbucks (yum!). I was treated GOOD, I must say. Church rocked with my husband being told by some new people that his Mother's Day sermon was the best they had ever heard. Cool. It was challenging and not your typical wishy washy generic sermon for Mother's Day. My opinion. After church my husband and children made me my favorite breakfast and gave me roses and cards. I am blessed. After it all I fell asleep outside for a bit. Then finished the day up in church for our evening service. God is good.

Tomorrow, I have to share about our past weekend. It was busy, crazy and a blast!


No Ordinary Me said...

What a great mommy time your having. Have a good Monday!

Marilyn said...

I haven't been on for awhile either. Been busy with my radiation treatments!! Only 5 more & I will be done! Praise God!!
Love your post Sweetheart....Your family fills me with hope that the world is a good place!!
Love You All!!

Vivian said...

happy to hear all is well with you and your family.
i missed reading about your beautiful children.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Wonderful days!

Love to read your blog, because you have your priorities right!

thechattymommy said...

I just said to a fellow blogger today- where is pink slippers?
She said I think she might be away!
So glad to know life is good- the pics are great!
I want to live in CA.
Have a great week!
And your homeschooling tales are inspiring- I so wish my husband was ready for it.
God is good.

All in His time.

Lori said...

Happy Belated Mother's day Wendy! Such a beautiful blessed couple you are! Lori