Saturday, August 7, 2010


Two days ago, we took a little trip to Home Depot to buy a lavender plant.
We needed one more to add to the 6 we just planted under the boys window.
Imagine: warm summer nights with the smell of lavender
gently blowing in through your window.
Maybe I'm just trying to relive childhood through my children.
Maybe I'm not, but just trying to build memories for them.
Smells included.
When we left HD without finding our plant, we headed off to a local nursery we just love.
The kids love it because there are lizards all around for them to find and chase, and there are rows and rows of plants and bushes to hide amongst.
We spent a couple hours strolling in and out of the interesting fauna, getting lost on purpose, touching fuzzy plants, running, kicking rocks, falling, talking, scouting
and eating the dropped fruit-- oranges, lemons, and apples fallen from their trees.
We even saw a dead mouse (disgusting) in a waterfall fountain
that my husband used as an object lesson to teach the kids about drowning and death.
We left with more than a lavender plant.
We brought home a Gordon Apple Tree for the kids to enjoy
while running around barefoot in the backyard with the core of an apple stuck in their mouth;
A Green Hot Pepper Plant (for Parker's new vegetable garden);
A Cape Mallow shrub for that ugly corner in the back
and last my little lavender plant to complete my hedge.
I'm not sure if I've ever left a nursery with just one plant.


Did I tell you how I hate tv & video games?
We spent the rest of the afternoon as a family, gardening and giving
our already existing pomegranate tree a new home in the side yard.


GapGirl said...

Oh how awesome is that. Im dying for an apple tree....enjoy

Visions Of Purpose said...

Looks like the family had a wonderful time. I also would like to have a pepper plant. I'm sure you all will enjoy the fruits of your labor. :)

No Ordinary Me said...

What fun!!! Looks like a day of hardworking fun and learning.

Mrs.Rabe said...

They will remember these things for the rest of their lives!

You are right, Wendy, you are building memories for them!