Friday, August 20, 2010

a complete week.

I started nesting yesterday.
I am only 28 weeks pregnant.
I did too much today.
And I did too much yesterday also.
My body and emotions are feeling it.
I was on a (not by my choice) hiatus from exercising.
Now I am back to my work out regimen.
This has a lot to do with how I am feeling.
I decided to call working out my supernatural child birth training.
Sounds good.
On Monday, we took a friend and her baby to their pediatrician appointment.
Drove an hour South in the evening to a revival service at our mother church.
My prenatal exam was on Tuesday.
I had my glucose test on Wednesday.
All of these were early morning appointments.
Parker & Ethan both started flag football practice.
Different days, different times, same place.
Had a really good time at church Wednesday night.
And really enjoyed sitting in church hearing my husband preach.
Got convicted on Romans 14 & 15.
Thursday & Friday consisted of working out.
Of course my husband told me to not over do it.
And of course I did.
Ballet class & swim class for a few of the little ones.
Setting up my temporary home school classroom.
No holds barred.
Gearing up for our church to host a booth at a local festival.
A booth offering a free (Christian) craft for the children as an outreach opportunity.
And finishing off Saturday at a birthday party for my Mom at her house.
A jolly jump and pinata will be included for some kid's fun.
Sunday-- it's church, children's church, potluck, and off to work the booth a second time around.
I told my husband some people might think we're nuts.
He told me that we're way past nuts.
At least I have an unbelievably incredible man to be nuts with.
And seven of the best children (& one more on the way)
as the best company ever to go along for the ride.

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blessedmomto8 said...

HAH! You are nuts and so am I! Sounds MUCH like our days!