Saturday, August 28, 2010


Our booth was a success.
The best part about it was that my husband and I did not have to work it for the entire festival. We have some great people in the church who are doing things
and taking the initiative without us having to prompt them.
The church is their church and that is an important perspective.
Quite a few people came together to cover
all the shifts on Saturday and Sunday.
We had 300 necklaces to give out and by closing time
at 6pm on Sunday, we only had 3 necklaces left.
My kids had the best time running around
asking other kids to come over and make a free Christian necklace.
By the time they're teenagers, they'll be experts at street evangelism.
After inviting new kids, Sophia would even escort the kids over to the booth.
My mind is already working over-time planning for next year's festival booth.
.....Next Spring I want to sign our church up for the Naval Base's annual festival too.
I love planning events. It must be a calling.

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