Thursday, August 26, 2010

passing of the baton.

Last night at church, something happened that just made me
swell up inside with all that gushy Mommy goo stuff
that makes Mommys want to break down and cry
just for being so darn proud of their child.
Parker played the drums for the first time in worship.
I was beside myself.
I fought to contain myself for Parker's sake and held it all in.
Parker is a super kid and a great older brother.
He is just so blessed by God.
And I am blessed that he is my son.


Marilyn said...

Our daughter is almost 40 & I still feel that "swelled up mommy pride" you speak of. She excells in her profession & her personal life.......
Hang on to that feeling Sweetheart... Ya' done good!!

No Ordinary Me said...

How wonderful. What a light he has on him.

Tami said...

i can only imagine how proud you were!! i have a 10 yr old Parker also and he was asked to sing on stage at church and turned them down!! lol maybe next time :)