Thursday, August 5, 2010

special delivery.

Our books are here!
Our books are here!
I thought I was the only one excited
But Ethan assured me he was excited too
Parker: 5th grade
Ethan: 2nd grade
Sophia: 1st grade
Charlie: K
Pearl: Numbers & Letters
Lincoln & Ruby: Talking & Walking


Erika said...

How fun! I love getting those fabulous A Beka book orders!!! So much fun! :)

Marla said...

How exciting!Don't you just love this time of year?Blessings ,Marla Grace

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love starting school! Nothing better than a home education!

Dru said...

Totally off subject, but where did you get your "Love grows in Little Houses" thing that is in the picture on the home page??

No Ordinary Me said...

Fun, Fun!!!

Kelly said...

I have just found your blog via Mrs. Rabe's sidebar. I really like what I see. We have begun our new school year already and I am really enjoying it. My favorite part is sharing good books with my boys.

Thank you for sharing the book by Lisa Whelchel. I liked her Creative Correction book years ago, and I will have to look for this book. It could really be of help to me right now, I think.

becca jacobsen said...

My kids get so excited too when our homeschool books for the year arrive! I love that time. Going on my 15th year homeschooling and I wouldn't trade it for anything! You're kids are precious. Blessings!

Anne said...

I just love reading all you homeschool Mom's blogs. What an opportunity to give our kids. Those pics of them carrying in the boxes are just too cute. My sister and sister-in-law both homeschool their kids. We have done the next best thing. I have 4 kids that go to a Christian School at our church where I work am able to be involved. Love your blog and posts...