Tuesday, October 12, 2010

at last.

An early Christmas present from hubby, my parents and myself!
This is just great.

I have really been trying to incorporate working out during my last two pregnancies.
Not just for fitness, but for unwinding, stress relief and having that time just to sweat.

We do go to a family facility regularly, but I've been having a problem the past few months finding time to get on the treadmill though.

Sick kids, vacations, doctor's appointments, and watching swim & ballet class.......

Since the facility is about a 20 minute drive from our house, I wasn't able to make time in the day to walk as much as I really wanted too.

And since having 8 babies in 10 years, I was not feeling happy about the weight gain.

I had become very uncomfortable with the weight I had tacked on with each successive pregnancy. Don't get me wrong-- I am not some kind of fitness fanatic; I never even worked out before until baby #7. I just want to be able to trim off the baby weight in between pregnancies...

Then, I got a brilliant idea: We should buy a treadmill for my home.

With Christmas money, mother's day money and a birthday I was able to purchase my own.

I am really excited.

I worked out for the first time on it in my room and loved it so much. I felt so great that after I was done, I thought about the possibility (if I wasn't pregnant) of doing it twice a day just because it was that refreshing.

I have never been a fitness kinda person but working out has really helped with those leg cramps, the swelling, restless nights, back aches, sore feet, and hurting hips I used to feel in the last stages of my pregnancy.

This is really great.

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The Pauls' Family said...

I have been thinking about getting one of these for quite awhile. Our winters are so long and cold that sometimes it is impossible to walk outside.