Friday, October 1, 2010

a different touch.

I changed my mind.

As far as I know, I'm still allowed to do that around here.

I really liked the simply shabby curtain panel I just purchased for my front room, but yet again-- it was not exactly what I wanted.

Well, it was-- but not for the front room.

Thankfully, another catalog came from Country Curtains and I fell for the pom pom fringe scalloped valance.

Awhile back I bought the pom pom white curtain panels for the girls bedroom and adored them. Really cute!

So I hung those panels up in the front room to get an idea what the valances would look like and I was delighted.

Too perfect!

The very next day I googled a free shipping coupon and was on the phone ordering.

Of course, the 4 panels from Target headed back to the store to pay for the new Country Curtain ones. And my husband liked the valance look for our really long front window.

It was a win win. And the pink on the walls popped out against the white. I liked that too.

Did I still need new lamp shades? Of course. Pink.

However, after I received that new pom pom curtain valance and hung it up I knew instantly it was not right for the window. Too much drama over a front room window. I thought that what I really needed was the swags. More ordering, more returning, more waiting.

Then the next morning, a light bulb in my about-to-have-a-baby-brain went off and I added the pom pom valance to the girl's pom pom curtain panel. I took the Simply Shabby balloon curtains that were in the girls room and hung them in our front room. Bought those lamp shades and-- Voila!. Perfect.

I like it. My husband actually likes it. Mission Accomplished.

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