Wednesday, October 6, 2010


While returning to our car after spending another obscene amount of time and money in Target, I noticed one of those family stickers on the back window of an SUV.

You know, one of those stickers with a dad, mom and children all with their names under each one.

As I quickly read the names, my eyes lit up!

This was a perfect moment to "catch" my husband and make my point.

You see-- my husband and I have been battling over what our next little one will be named. Since we don't know the gender, I have been adamant about one boy's name in particular. This name is somewhat unusual (not very common-- I don't mean weird), so when I spotted the name on the back of that vehicle, I seized my opportunity for victory.
"Look, at the name, Chris, this must be a sign," I pointed out rather haughtily.
My husband didn't respond, but continued walking toward the vehicle, became aware of something I hadn't seen.

"That's the name of their dog, you fool (in a loving way)," he quipped without even turning around.

I just about peed my pants right there from laughing so hard.

He showed me.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh Gosh! That is so funny!

Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

So funny, my husband's a minister and when we were first married he named our cats Calvin and Luther...then wanted to name our first born the same.

Josh and Kelly said...

Ha ha that gave me a good laugh- now you have to share what the name is after the baby is born if you don't use it!

carla said...

lovely family!