Monday, October 4, 2010

scheduled scrub.

Even though my house stays picked up and organized most of the time throughout the day, I want to have some change in the area of deep cleaning. When my house is scrubbed, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I'm not saying that the cleanliness of my house dictates my emotional outlook, but I do want to make it one of my priorities and I do feel better when my house is clean.

I also believe it helps the kids be responsible with their things and maintain order when they see mommy and daddy practicing it in their own lives.

As of right now, I don't have a "cleaning schedule." Sometimes I just go all out and do an all day scrub fest, but I am going to implement some kind of room by room weekly scrub routine.

With my growing tummy, homeschooling demands, and mommy responsibilities, I think this is a better choice for me. I would rather not try to kill myself by doing the all-day detailed deep cleaning.

I wrote out a chart for 6 days of the week, leaving Sunday as the day of rest (thank you God!). My husband has volunteered the bathroom scrub duty. Gotta love that man. So my home will be deep cleaned on a regular schedule which will relieve me from feeling overwhelmed on those days when I think the house is gross yet I still don't have time to clean it.


Anne F said...

Oh my I do hope you will share your schedule with us. I am new at homeschooling this year and feel so overwhelmed with trying to school my 3rd grader and my preschooler and trying to get everything done for the day. Cleaning at times is the hardest thing for me to maintain. Looking forward to seeing your schedule.

C. said...

Hey there! Have you tried looking up "flylady" online? It's a great free website to help you manage keeping the house clean, and not having to do it all in one day. It's worked wonders for us - they also have stuff for the kids :)