Wednesday, December 8, 2010


You can have Christmas without presents and all the pizazz, but you can't have Christmas without Jesus.

What a wonderful revelation from the Hermie the Worm kids movie.

I like it. It's true. It needs to be remembered. I need my children to know this. Somehow I've got to do an about face from the way that my family celebrated Christmas when I was growing up. For me and my husband, it was all about the presents. Sometimes I find myself being sucked into that materialistic mentality where bigger is better or the more expensive, the more it means. NO!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in our home. Parker was amazing as he used his Daddy's ladder to hang the lights on the roofline around the house. Don't worry-- it's not that high up, only around nine feet. My husband reassured me that Parker knew what he was doing and he was safe. Parker amazes me with his strength and love for hard work. My husband kept busy hanging the Christmas lights on the picket fence while our other little helpers added the candle lights to the lawn. Even the neighbor kid joined in the decorating.

Like just about everyone else, we managed to get our tree up and it looks amazing all lit up. No matter how many times you've seen Christmas trees, there truly is something special about having one decorated with love and personal and homemade ornaments that you've acquired throughout the years glowing right there in the center of your living room. It is a time traveling device that takes you back to the warm memories of yesteryear and sends you forward to consider all the great things that still lie ahead as the years progress.

We want to video tape all the children decorating the tree. We've realized that we definitely don't use our video camera much as we should to tape the kid's and their funny little personalities. It's something I want to establish as a regular practice. There are so many antics that take place in our home that definitely need to be recorded.

Then, my mind turns to the everyday realities of life: I wonder how long it will take for Ruby to decide to start un-decorating the tree.....


Mrs.Rabe said...


You have the right heart about Christmas!

It is hard, isn't it, to "opt out" of the materialism, etc...but it can be done! We do give gifts but we give pretty simply...

What a joy to celebrate His coming!

Amy Jay said...

Is Ruby the only one who will un-decorate the tree? I have a daughter Pearl's age, and she can't keep her hands off it either! Hehe. Such is life! Merry CHRISTmas to your beautiful family!