Friday, December 10, 2010


I basically did all our Christmas shopping online this year. With Jasper being so little, still I didn't want to take him out, but instead opted to keep him in that newborn baby bubble. When Charlie was just 21 days old, he surprisingly came down with a fever and virus. This sent him to the NICU where he ended up spending a week. With Jasper being my 2nd fall baby, I decided to overdo the 'germ precaution mommy thing' and that's just ok with me.

We did end up going to Toys R Us with the whole crew a couple times to pick up some presents I could not find online, but thankfully, we went during some off hours and the store was not busy by any means. Shopping with the kids right there isn't really a big deal since most of them are too little and too little to realize that my husband just put the gift they wanted in our cart and covered it with his coat. To an observer, it may actually look like we may be attempting to steal these items, but it's the only way we can shop for presents with the little ones in tow. At the checkout, I usually take the little ones away from the register while my husband pays and we head off to the van. This has always worked out very well for us. It's amazing the things that you think of, do and work for you when you have to be resourceful.

I am so excited for the kids to open their presents. And the ones my parents bought for them. We always make a Christmas budget and usually end up going a little over due to my excitement and over indulging. But I promise-- it is usually under $20 per kid that I go over. My husband and I have finally begun to understand and accept each other's expectations during this time of year. His needing to make sure we are level headed about Christmas finances and me being the kind of Mommy that loves to shop and hardly does.

It's good to be on the same page and everyone is blessed by it.

And by the way-- I am loving 'The Vintage Pearl' dainty eclectic necklace for Christmas.
Gotta have one of these.
Maybe I'll win a gift certificate in their giveaway... just hoping.


Kim said...

I have done all of my shopping online too this year:, Vision and Etsy. com. I have only bought 4 gifts in the store. And I don't have a new baby, I just couldn't bear the thought of the stores, plus, I found some really unique things online.

Leanne said...

We've hardly shopped at all so far!

I have a custom-made necklace from The Vintage Pearl that I got a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

Husband and I have shopped with the kids in tow too!

You're smart to keep baby home.