Thursday, December 30, 2010

trip to the hospital.

Sophia is in the hospital today

She had a penny in her mouth while laying on her back

{Not smart.....I know}

How many times does a Mommy say......


to her children?

Her little brother
(I won't disclose names)
decided to sit on her right then,
oblivious to the penny in her mouth

She swallowed the penny and the penny got stuck in her esophagus

It hurt when she breathed in

Daddy took her to the Emergency Room

The Emergency Room Doctor admitted her to the hospital

Surgery at noon today

Please PRAY for Sophia, the Doctor and no complications

I will update when the penny is out



Terry said...

oh! i will!
(((hugs))) to her mama too!

Duckygirl said...

I'll be praying!!


stiner0305 said...

oh no! will be praying here. poor little girl and mama. and the sibling who sat on her. :( bet she will keep things out of her mouth now.

The Mama said...

Oh, so sorry for this that your Sophia must experience today. And, so sorry for your mama's heart as you watch your little one endure surgery. When my son was six-weeks old, he had to have surgery...heart wrenching for a mama. Will be praying for our mighty Lord to go before every step with guidance and clarity.

Mrs.Rabe said...


Danna and Kirk said...


Anonymous said...

hugs and prayers coming your way!
Laura B.

Kriss said...

I'm praying too!!! Poor baby and poor mommy!

shaybert said...

Oh! I guess I came along way late. Happy for little Sophia. Are you all calling her a new nickname? "Penny?"
Blessings, Shay