Friday, January 28, 2011

1 + 1 = 1

{ruby...last summer}

I think having a strong marriage is very important-- one of the most important things in life. I've heard it said that marriage is not 50/50; Its 100% and 100% from both parties and only then can you have a successful marriage. You have to think of your spouse as your best friend.

Unfortunately and fortunately, my husband and I traveled on a very difficult road during the first few years of our marriage. Even now we occasionally find ourselves venturing down that way again, but by the grace of God, are able to discern it and stop ourselves.

I look back and realize that there were things which I felt I had no control over which I now realize I could've made different decisions about.

I knew God had brought us together and orchestrated every detail about our union, but it seemed that during those difficult times, I ignored that very core truth. Thankfully, we always {almost} turned to our Pastor for direction and clarity.

During one of our real doozies, he asked me a powerful question which impacted my life from that point. His words were like a siren in my mind: Did I believe that my husband hears from God? I knew he did, just like I know he does now.

I realized what my Pastor was saying was that it would have to be God who would change us-- not me. God will change our marriage, my husband and me. And probably not in that order either. Usually, He changes you first. Right?

Only He could convict us, change us and bond us-- just like He saved us when we were sinners living in the world.

Thankfully, now we have a strong marriage, strong friendship and a strong desire to keep our marriage tight and grow ever closer to each other. All it took was having someone in our lives who we could take correction from, who we trusted because of the testimony of their own lives. And knowing that both our desires are to serve God first and foremost.


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Marla said...

My marriage has been the same. How wonderful to find a pastor to talk with!Thanks for this post.