Friday, January 14, 2011

many things.

I have this really bad habit.

In my mind, I am constantly creating.

But with creating comes more projects for my husband.

Moving the washer & dryer.

Digging up a new area along my picket fence for all the flowers I want to plant.

Hanging pictures in the boy's room.

Painting the marks on the walls.

Building me a border for my lavender plants under the boys window.

Hanging our new trampoline net.

Painting the girls room a fresh coat of pink.

I know-- it's bad.

I am often heard saying that my great ideas are my husband's labor.

He does love working with his hands, but the poor guy has a wife who loves changes, new ideas and has a mind ever at work.

After eight years, I think he's finally used to it.

And if the truth be told...I think he'd be bored if he didn't have projects to do.


Katy at Put Your Big Girl Panties On & Deal With It said...

Sounds like one awesome husband to me :)

Marla said...

I too have all these ideas.Though my Husband does carpentry and excavation for work.So it is the last thing he wants to do around here.You are lucky he enjoys your projects.Makes for a happy wife,and mommy.:)

Seven Swans A Swimming said...

I am the same way! Always dreaming, listing, and creating....although, my husband is not very fond of it, lol. I had to promise him I would only move the furniture around twice a year at the most. However, I just discovered how much I love painting so I change walls during naptime lol, you are very blessed to have a willing and handy husband.