Saturday, February 26, 2011

little rascals.

Who can understand a 2 year old boy? One who roars, speaks in code, likes to harass his older, three year old sister. The kind who might be caught walking around with his blanket over his head in order to hide his binky from being detected, while knowing full well that his binky is only for bedtime. A little boy who was known as 'Stinky Linky' when he was a little younger, not because of his hygiene, but because of his stinky attitude. The typical two year old who thinks it's okay to climb inside his older brother's lego storage box, sit down and start throwing pieces in all directions. Or even worse-- one who takes the liberty to 'reconstruct' their lego master pieces. Only his dog Stitch could understand him. Lincoln found a friend in her a long time ago. Well, at least since he was able to toddle around the yard. Wherever Lincoln is, Stitch is sure to be. Two peas in a pod. Two little friends. If you ask Lincoln...they are best friends. And I honestly think Stitch feels the same way.

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