Wednesday, March 9, 2011

big c.

Big Charlie should probably be renamed: 'Really Tall and Skinny Charlie'. Or is lean more politically correct? I guess since I'm his Mommy, it really doesn't matter what terminology I use.

Charlie is a rootin-tootin wild west boy all the way through. A knee slappin' hollerin' send him outback kinda' boy. We being his Mommy and Daddy are trying to help round up Cowboy Charlie's excitement for all things.

He enjoys life and likes to have fun. Charlie is only 5 years and 5 months old, but because he's pretty tall for his age, sometimes I forget that and expect him to act the age he looks. Not good for him or me.

Charlie wears his heart on his sleeve and sometimes wants to be mommy's little boy. He's the first one to ask if I'm coming to his swim class to watch or asks if he can be the one to sit right next to me in church.

From the beginning, Charlie was the easy, no fuss about him baby. This is what I remind him of now when we tell the kids stories of their baby days: that he was the kind of baby parents only dream about. The baby that you could lay down wide awake yet would easily fall right to sleep without a peep.

And now Charlie-- being the youngest of the older children and the oldest of the younger ones-- he really is everyone's friend. He plays tough with the older ones and is sweet and plays pretend with his younger siblings.

God had Charlie perfectly placed in our family and in our lives.

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Amy Jay said...

What a wonderfully sweet post! :)