Friday, March 25, 2011

does it?

Does it ever seem like I have it all together?
That I have this whole home-schooling with small children down?
That my house is always picked up? That my children always listen?
That I have these creative ways to keep little ones busy?
That I have arms like octopuses and get it all done?

Oh, you don't?


Right now we have Operation: Lincoln. Don't know what that is?

Just try and guess.



Anna said...

My first thought: I would hate to step on one of those...ouch!

true blessings said...


Amanda said...

That's often the sort of sight I see when I look in my two year old's room. He plays in his room while Mommy is cleaning and I almost always walk into something like that. I'm glad I'm not alone!

Rachel and Family said...

Oh my!! THAT is exactly what my boys' room looks like!! I love that they stay busy building and engineering and creating!

I just hate when I step on the legos barefooted.

MrsVega said...

Be careful where you step.
New follower from Boost My Blog hop.

FieryCanuck77 said...

oh wow! I thought it was just my boys!!! lol! Thanks for sharing, sometimes it's nice seeing other people's houses in complete disarray too! :)

Kelly said...

Looks a lot like "Operation: Asher and Gabe" at our house!

No Ordinary Me said...

Somehow this picture refreshes me. Smiles. Love kids!

Erika said...

Such a busy age! My 21 month old is quite the little "tornado" (as we've nicknamed him) too!