Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As a Mommy and a Christian I find myself wanting to learn more and more
about our Christian heritage in America.

My husband's Aunt sent us a video link to a fascinating clip about America and it's beginnings.

Seriously, I knew a little of it already
but what I didn't know was mind blowing.

Today, I bring you my new favorite for this week.

'The Spiritual Heritage of The United States Capitol'

I immediately jumped at the opportunity to buy the whole DVD.
Me? I would recommend you buy one for your family too.

Really. Seriously.

I'm sure my husband will end up showing this video for one of our evening services.

This falls into our home-school must-have-it category.

I added a short clip if you want to get a little inside look at what it's all about.

[I bought mine here]

'The Spiritual Heritage of the United States Capitol'

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thechattymommy said...

I gotta admit right away - first thought- BOring. lol
But the kids are always asking questions about stuff like this and the husband loves it, so maybe I would give it a try.